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Family trip to Mt. Bachelor today

Warm-up snack. So many snacks! (great tip Tami ❤️)

Luca is all set and very excited to ride the chair lift.

Luca shredding the gnar

Silliness in the sled
 Some more snacking

Autumn getting in on the action

More snacking
A great day at the mountain

P.S. I also found out on this trip that apparently my snowboard gear is considered “vintage” 😁

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Kids These Days


Violin Recital

Proud of our Luca.  He’s so precise and focused that violin has been a good way for him to channel that energy.  This was his first recital.  He’s following the Suzuki Method so he played Twinkle Twinkle, Lightly Row, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody.

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It was HOT today in Portland hitting 100+ so Luca and I headed out on an adventure

Sample Time

 Watching the cheese being made was fun and interesting

Luca loves his samples

Hiking in the coast forest

 Luca’s favorite part the lighthouse

Beach fun

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We always have music on in the house.  Tonight this Jet’s tune came on and the kids busted out into their own spontaneous dance party.


We’ve read to Luca, Autumn, and Mia every night since the day they were born.  Now Luca helps out.

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Date Day


Out on a date on a beautiful spring day!


Someone woke up last night… well I’ll let her explain.

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