July 2009

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Having already been relegated to the far corners of the bed I solidified my position after purchasing the highly sought after snoogle.  Kitty was at a friend’s house enjoying a day at the pool, so along with a few other things I decided to do a little something extra.  After a long… long day of battling traffic, long lines, and armies of pregnant moms jockeying for position in the isles of the baby depot, I finally found and purchased the snoogle. The snoogle was quickly embraced and Kitty has found plenty of time to enjoy her new gift.

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It’s a boy

We went to the second ultrasound today. Our long wait at the doctor’s office was rewarded when we saw our baby once again. It moved around a bit and then the doctor showed us its little fingers and toes. A little bit later the doctor gave us the news….. It’s a boy!

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Since week six Kitty has been experiencing increasing morning sickness.  She has been very tired and apparently has developed a supernatural sense of smell. This didn’t bode well for my chana masala which was promptly banned from our dinner menu.  I can only hope that my Chipotle burrito bowl will be spared.  I have also become well acquainted with our dishwasher and laundry room.

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