August 2009

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No trip to LA would be complete without a trip to Disneyland, so we took Kimmy to the magic kingdom on her last day.  We timed it just right, since it was the weekend before Labor Day and the park was practically empty!  Since I couldn’t go on any of the big rides, Kimmy and Chris enjoyed them while I parked myself in the shade to people-watch and consume giant pickles, popcorn, churros, etc…  Mom and baby had plenty of fun exploring the worlds of Peter Pan, Snow White and Mr Toad.

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Baby rocks!!

Auntie Kimmy came for a visit and we all had a great time.  By Tuesday Kitty was pretty tired and had a cold.  While the doctor probably would have prescribed something along the lines of rest and fluids I thought the best remedy was for the three of us to hit the Green Day concert at the Forum.  The concert was awesome and with a few good kicks the baby signaled he approved of the night’s entertainment.  Kitty enjoyed the break from kleenex, hot tea, and reruns of ER, and recovered fully a few days later.

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Baby bump

Well, there’s no hiding it now.  My pants no longer fit, and I’ve got a little belly bulge that’s definitely showing.  My coworkers agree that my tummy grew noticeably this week!  I’ve also started to feel the baby moving a little – like tiny flutters in my stomach.  Chris was eager to feel the baby move, so he waited patiently one night with his hand on my belly as we lay in bed falling asleep.  All of a sudden he let out a startled yell as his hand quickly recoiled from my stomach and he practically flew back to his side of the bed.  Apparently the baby had given him a good kick!

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Oregon trip

With my recently broken hand and finger, Kitty and I set out for Oregon to attend my sister’s wedding.  Having entered into the second trimester Kitty’s nausea has subsided and her energy and appetite are returning.  While she didn’t partake in any of the taco time festivities she did enjoy her dad’s thai home cooking and bbq at grandma’s house.  I enjoyed sharing my wisdom with her brother by encouraging him to shove as much Chipotle burrito into his mouth as possible.  It was a great trip and we enjoyed all our time with family and friends.

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