October 2009

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Weekend at Big Bear

We took off Friday morning and headed out of town to Big Bear.  It’s a small town up in the mountains with skiing, hiking, and some water fun.  We enjoyed walking around town, checking out the shops, and taking in the sites.  On Saturday we went on a hike up in the mountains around Big Bear Lake, which at this time of year are full of aspen groves that provided a beautiful golden backdrop.  Having lived in either Hawaii or Los Angeles for the last 8 years we haven’t really seen a true Autumn in quite awhile.  It was refreshing to see the leaves actually changing color.  Although we were tired afterwards, the baby let us both know he wasn’t finished, when as soon as we sat down in the car, he gave Kitty a big roundhouse kick to the belly!  We wrapped up the night with a movie at the local cinema and came back home Sunday afternoon.  We posted some pictures here.

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Day at the park

We started the weekend with a trip to the theater and watched Where the Wild Things Are.  Later we grabbed some lunch and headed over to the local park.  We watched as a large group of kids beat the candy out of Spongebob and Patrick pinatas while others tried to ride their bicycles up a tree.  We still have some time before our son will engage in such activities, so for now we’ll just continue to experience the joy of pregnancy.  We took some pictures and added them to the pregnancy picture page here.

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Baby says hello

Went to the doctor’s today and saw the baby again.  He continues to grow fast.  Check out the latest video and pictures.

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While the baby shower is fast approaching, some generous friends and family have already given us some baby gifts.  While my mom probably should be given her own section we’ve created a page to share some of the gifts.  Click Here to see some of the gifts.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful gifts and best wishes.

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Getting ready

This past weekend we spent some time acquainting ourselves with the car seats and strollers at Babies R Us.  It was quite exhausting, but at least we now have a better grasp on which ones we like.  We also took a tour of the maternity ward at Huntington Hospital.  From everything we’ve seen and heard, it seems as though Huntington is a really great place to give birth.  They are willing to accommodate patients’ birth preferences, and they have numerous resources available including education courses both before and after the birth, a breastfeeding center, etc.  We felt much more reassured after our visit, and are happy this is where our baby will be born.

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