January 2010

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Happy Birthday Luca!

First I just want to thank everyone for their love and support. We appreciate having each and every one of you in our lives and will be calling you shortly for your baby sitting availability.  Kitty and Luca are doing awesome.  Luca is feeding, pooping, and peeing regularly and enjoying being home. On January 28th we went into Huntington Hospital since Kitty was already 5cm dilated and her Dr recommended breaking her water to get labor going.  At that point she hadn’t really had any painful contractions and was very set on having a natural birth.  She informed the nurses of this upon arrival, explaining that she didn’t want an epidural or any Pitocin, and wanted as few interventions as possible. The nurses at Huntington have a reputation for being amazing, and they didn’t disappoint during the course of Kitty’s labor.  After the water broke Kitty had some small contractions up until 6cm.  At that point we got up and started walking around the Hospital grounds.  That’s when contractions really started kicking in and I became the full time back massager, pillow fetcher, and water straw holder.  Kitty was beyond amazing throughout and soon she delivered Luca just as she had wanted. Labor was a total of 6 hours and we were told for a first pregnancy hers was a pretty rare experience.  Luca was born 7lb 3oz, 21.5” long with a head of black hair and a good pair of lungs.   We came home from the hospital yesterday and Luca seemed to really relax and ease into a routine.  Today we tried putting on some clothes my mom bought for him and snapped some pictures.  Yes the overalls lasted for about 2 hours when he decided during the diaper change to launch a pee stream all over his new clothes.  I’ll have to be sure to use the pee-pee teepee next time.  We are excited for you to meet Luca and thanks again for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.

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I didn’t have work today since it’s a holiday.  Kitty and I decided to go to our favorite Pho restaurant, Golden Deli, and get some Pho and spring rolls.  After that we went for a nice walk and then Kitty headed to her weekly doctor appointment.  Apparently Kitty is half way from fully dilated.  The doctor was a little surprised that she hasn’t even had a little discomfort so far and predicted the baby would probably come sometime this week.  Hopefully the birth will be as easy going as the pregnancy so far.  Given that Kitty is already technically halfway there, at this point I won’t be surprised if little Luca just decides to deliver himself, crawl to the fridge for a snack, and watch some Magnum PI while we are sleeping.  We are both very excited and looking forward to becoming parents.

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Almost here

With the due date quickly approaching there seemed like no better time to try to sneak in two bathroom remodels.  It’s definitely possible that I have been nesting more than Kitty.  I spent the week repairing the roof, doing bathroom remodeling work, upgrading outlets, painting, sealing granite counter tops, and taking care of numerous other odd jobs around the house.  Kitty is doing very well and has kept busy sewing a quilt for Luca while trying to keep up with walking/going to the gym and getting plenty of rest.  She worked until this past Tuesday and now has time off to prepare for Luca’s arrival.  Aside from that we received our first delivery of diapers this week.  At first I was a little apprehensive about a diaper service.  I just pictured myself having to hand clean dirty cloth diapers and trying to fumble around with safety pins.  After doing my research I found cloth diaper services are actually quick, clean, and easy.  We found Dy-Dee, a diaper service that is 3 blocks from our house and has been in Pasadena since 1938.  They say we will need 80 diapers a week…. really?!  Ok I’ve got to go rotate the laundry.  The next update may just be about Luca’s arrival!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Kitty and I wrapped up the new year putting together baby furniture and finishing getting everything ready for Luca’s arrival.  I got pretty good at putting the crib together having to do it 3 times.  Yes, when you are assembling furniture that cannot fit through the doorway you should assemble it inside the room it’s going to go into.   The changing table was much smoother and, as you can see by the pictures, it’s likely because Kitty put it together.  Besides that we celebrated the new year watching the ball drop in NYC and enjoying the rose parade from the comfort of our home.  We went last year but decided to take it easy this time around.  Kitty is headed off to a brunch at Noriko’s as I prepare to cheer on the Ducks in the 2010 Rose Bowl.  It’s fun to see so many people with UO colors and signs on their cars rolling around Los Angeles.  However I have already received several messages and calls from local Angelenos expressing their concern.  I just told them to be sure to recycle and provide hugs to the hippies when asked.

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