February 2010

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New Family

We’ve been a new family for 3 weeks now, and what an adjustment it has been!  We sleep sometimes, change lots of diapers, spend hours feeding, and the rest of the time simply marvel at the wonder of our little baby.  Luca is growing and changing fast – he’s already a different little person than the day we came home from the hospital.  These days he moves and wiggles a lot, so much so that I have to wrap his arms up tight so they don’t get in the way during breastfeeding.  And he’s becoming more alert while he’s awake, staring more intently at our faces and looking around his environment.  So far he enjoys walks around the neighborhood in the stroller, sleeping chest to chest on mommy or daddy, car rides, and being held and cuddled.  We’ve also discovered that the sound of running water from the faucet magically calms him down when he’s fussy.
Luca has already met many people in his three weeks of life.  He spent lots of time with my mom, who stayed with us to help out for several days after he was born.  He has also been passed around between several of my coworkers and friends from PT school who came to visit.  On Valentine’s Day he met the three other babies who live in our condo complex, one of whom was born just a week before Luca!  Our latest accomplishment was giving Luca his first bath, which he really seemed to enjoy.  I think he could have been quite happy to stay in that bath for the entire evening.  You can check out bath time pictures here.  So although we are tired and can’t seem to get anything done around the house, we are thrilled to have little Luca in our lives and are enjoying this new adventure of parenthood.  Off we go!

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