April 2010

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Settling In

After a 13 hour drive from LA Kitty, Luca, and I were reunited.  We’ve found a house in Portland near Libby who is also Luca’s new nanny!!  It’s been really busy finding a place, seeing grandparents and great grandparents, and settling into Portland.  I start my new job on Monday and am very excited.  While we’ve visited a few restaurants in Portland already there are several parking lots full of different lunch wagons downtown we have yet to visit.  That being said Luca and I have been getting our fill of Taco Time crispy burritos.  So after visiting with everyone in Corvallis this week we are headed back up to Portland to prepare for work and the movers to arrive on Monday.

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Civil War

Having been in Oregon for a week now Luca finds himself torn. Interpreting the numerous sounds that come from his body one can  clearly see there is a virtual civil war going on inside little Luca’s developing mind.  What will he decide OSU or UO?  I don’t know but I think the fatter chunkier more developed Luca might have the advantage at this point. You be the judge.



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Good Morning

While Kitty is busy looking for a home in Portland and I’m here in Pasadena finishing up boxing and packing, Luca is happily squirming and having a good time back in Oregon.  Obviously he has something important to say.  Maybe between the snorts, squeals, and huffs you can figure it out.

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Bye LA

Luca and Kitty left LA this morning and arrived in Portland this afternoon.  Luca was well behaved during the flight.  He has started swatting and reaching for dangling toys and seems to be growing more and more everyday.  I will be here for the next week and join them in Portland this coming Saturday.  Before leaving Kitty and Luca were able to spend time with many of our friends here in LA.  The day before he left Luca spent the day with his dad watching the Dodgers vs Giants on tv.  Below is the picture taken as mom blocked the television.

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We went to Golden Deli with Luca this afternoon.  He ordered the spring rolls.  We will miss all the food places we have discovered in LA but look forward to exploring what Portland has to offer.  Pok Pok being one of the first places we will visit.

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Happy Easter

It’s Luca’s first Easter and Grammie is here to visit.  Of course she was sure to send a fully stocked Easter basket for Luca just before her arrival.  Things are very busy as we plan for our move to Portland.  We are going to start packing up next week and the movers will be here mid April.  Pasadena and LA have been great to us.  We both appreciate all the friends and people we’ve met and hope to keep in touch with everyone.  Below are a few pictures and videos of Luca on his first Easter.

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