July 2010

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As we talked about in previous posts Luca has started eating solid foods.  He’s really taken to it and devours anything we put in front of him.  Today was no different.  Before heading out for a hike around Multnomah Falls Luca carbo loaded and ate a bunch of oatmeal.  Apparently he’s read that oatmeal does wonders for the skin and decided to spread a little on his face between bites.  After breakfast/facial we headed over to the falls.  Luca really loves being outdoors.  He’s fascinated with all the plants and creatures and it seems to calm him down when he’s fussy.  At the falls Luca enjoyed the mossy trees, scurrying chipmunks, birds, and sound of the water rushing over the falls.  He even took  a moment to dip his chubby baby toes into the water just for a bit.  Kitty and I just enjoyed spending time with our little Ohana.

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Kitty and I are enrolling Luca in swimming classes at DolFUN swim academy.   He’s always really enjoyed water and bath time and this will be the first step before he’s charging 20 footers on the north shore with Dad and Uncle Fry.

Luca was experiencing some engine trouble this afternoon.  He worked on it for awhile and finally threw up his arms and had to call Dad for roadside assistance.

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Kitty returned to work Friday to her new job at OHSU. It was the first day she and Luca have been apart.  While it was tough Luca decided to treat his mommy to a little something special.

Besides fruit Luca has moved on to some other tasty treats.  Here he seems to not be able to be served his avocado quick enough.  He really just likes to eat whatever.  Solids, milk, taco time, he’s game for whatever.

Luca has started sitting up and playing with his toys while he chatters away and sticks out his tongue.

1 monkey in the bed and the little one said roll over roll over.

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Summer Time

With the arrival of Summer Luca has been working on his basketball skills and showing off his muscles in his tank top.  He’s doing well giggling and laughing a lot.  He’s started sitting up on his own and seems to always have something to say or talk about.  Kitty and Libby are at the movies watching Babies and Luca just woke up from his nap so I think we are going to take a walk around the neighborhood.  Although he’s been  anxiously waiting to go see The Expendables with his Uncle Lu and Uncle Lazor, maybe Luca and I will catch a showing of Predators while we are out.

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4th of July

This year for the 4th of July we drove out to my grandmother’s house in Mill City to watch the local parade and enjoy some barbecue on the back porch.  Here are a few pictures of our beautiful day.

Luca and Daddy explore the daisies

Inspecting a daisy up close

Just being cute

Posing with Mommy by the Santiam River

A kiss for Mom

Luca takes in the beautiful scenery

Happy and clean after a nice bath

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Nom Nom Nom

Luca has started tasting and nibbling on some fruits.  He’s tried strawberries, oranges, and pureed blueberries.  He seems to have really enjoyed all of them and surprised his mom with a few blueberry seeds during diaper change.

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After seeing how much Luca LOVED being in the bouncer we decided we had better get one of our own (the one seen in the earlier post is at daycare).  So this weekend for Luca’s 5 month birthday we looked on craigslist and found the perfect bouncer with all of his rainforest friends.  As you can see, he took to it right away.

Here he is enjoying a few laughs with Mommy.

And here’s Luca exercising his vocal cords (no he’s not pooping). I swear he says, “Mom, oh yeah” near the end of the video.

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