January 2011

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Christmas was so fun for us this year. We really appreciated being within short driving distance of our families, and it was such a relief not to have to pack up all our gifts and belongings into our luggage and wait in long lines at the airport. We drove to my Grandma’s house in Mill City on Christmas Eve, where everyone helped out to cook a delicious dinner. Luca got into the spirit of things by transforming himself into a walking present.

After dinner we followed an old family tradition of posing for a few pictures in front of the tree, then carried on a relatively new family tradition of playing Cranium late into the night.

Luca helped to wake everyone up on Christmas morning by trying out a few notes on the piano.

There was excitement in the air, I think mostly because we all wanted to watch Luca open his presents. He was excited too, what with all the colorful presents to knock over and tear open and shiny bows to chew on. I think this picture pretty much sums it up.

We got Luca to pause just long enough for a quick picture in front of the tree before the ripping and destroying commenced.

We started by opening his stocking, which I stuffed with a bit of one of his favorite snacks, Pirate’s Booty, a wooden spoon that he likes to carry around the house, and an empty plastic water bottle that makes the most wonderful crinkling sound.

After tearing the wrapping paper into about 15 small pieces, Luca was finally able to enjoy his animal nesting blocks.

After lunch we packed up our gifts and drove to Corvallis for Christmas number two with Chris’ family, where we enjoyed lots more paper tearing, bow chewing, and yummy food. Chris and I both had to work the next week, so we headed back to Portland the next morning. Having had to rush a bit through our Christmas weekend, we decided to return to Corvallis for new year’s weekend for some more down time with our families and monkey cuteness.

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