May 2011

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It’s been awhile since our last post, but we’ve been pretty busy.  We bought a house in Portland and will be moving the beginning of June.  We are all very excited to have a nice house so on the weekends I can listen to my Hawaiian music with the sounds of birds and fountain in the background, Kitty can garden outside and sew in her sewing room, and Luca can play on his play structure and well… hide in every cupboard, climb every stair, and crawl around roaring like a lion.

While we were doing all that and visiting with friends and family we took a little break and flew over to Hawaii.  It was our first trip with a more evolved Luca.  The trip was so much fun and yet somehow tiresome at the same time.  Luca enjoyed daily trips to the beach and parks and loved exploring anything outside.  He would quickly exclaim “THAT!!!” every time he saw a bird then make his chicken noise “bock bock bock”.  Along with the birds Luca saw actual chickens, whales, lots and lots of sea turtles, and made many gecko friends.

While at times the trip was relaxing, like sipping coffee with Kitty after sunset on the lanai listening to my local radio station, it was also quite an adventure.  I won father of the year several times including the time I excitedly lifted Luca into the air and right into a ceiling fan… “thump thump thump thump”.  Luca found sand, played in sand, and ate the sand.  I got a chance to go paddle boarding.  We ate  several of our favorite local plates, grilled some ahi, and had plenty of mangos, papayas, and pineapples.

I made the trip that much more exciting by getting food poisoning on our last day.  Yay outdoor salsa bar! I don’t know if you’ve flown on a plane with food poisoning, but after trying to explain that I wasn’t drunk, didn’t need medical assistance, and convinced them not to take the plane back to the gate and ditch me, I was approached by two nice flight attendants in gloves and masks 🙂  They asked me to wipe my hands down and wear a hepa filter mask for the duration of the flight.

So here we are back in pdx. With the nicer weather we’ve made some trips around Portland including a trip to the zoo.  Hopefully we will have some more posts soon.  With three weeks till we move in to our new house, we’re headed to Corvallis this weekend to visit family, and then we head to Illinois to a friends wedding.  Ok back to packing… A hui hou

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