August 2011

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Bike Disaster

First the Bike


Then the Disaster

Besides biking, gargling, and making messes we’ve been having an awesome summer.  On the weekend I’ve been doing things around the house and yard, Kitty sews and does crafts in her craft room while Luca plays in his playroom or sits next to her and pages through one of his many books.  Swim class has been going better than ever.  Hopefully we’ll get some videos or pictures of Luca jumping and diving into the water. It makes me happy that it’s become something he enjoys so much. We’ve gone to several summer concerts and saw a local Hawaii band, a salsa group, and others.   We’ve also explored the Oregon Zoo and several parks on multiple occasions.  The Oregon Zoo is pretty awesome.  It has a lot of animals, a lot of open space for them, fun events, and many family activities.  We got a membership so we could go as often as we like to go for walks, ride the train, or make noises with the animals.  Today we rolled to the beach for lunch and fun at Seaside.  It was another adventure with some memorable moments to be shared in a future post.  Until then much love from our little Ohana.

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Summer Days

It hasn’t been much of a summer this year in Oregon. We haven’t been so lucky as to have more than 3 days of sunshine and blue skies in a row. So, being the true Oregonians that we are, we have learned to seize the moment. Here are some fun things we’ve done on our sunny days:

Impromptu sprinkler time!

Off with the wet clothes and a bit of a rest break on the steps:

Nothing better than a juicy summer peach:

Another day, another adventure in the back yard:

Better make it a sprinkler adventure!

Day trip to Washington Park and the Oregon Vietnam Memorial:

Of course Mr. Sock Monkey had to come out to enjoy part of the walk with us:

Patiently awaiting dinner outside on the deck:

Sandbox time!

Such a good helper in the yard!

Bubbles with Auntie Barbie:

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Dirty Bit


Count Monkula

Luca you’re 18 months old – time for your first trip to the dentist!!

Where are your teeth?

And what are you going to do when you see the Dentist?

Wow lots of teeth. Can we count them?

How about the top?

1, 2, 3, 4,…,5 & 6? Wait!! Where are your canines? Right beside those! All this time we thought Luca was a Monkey but apparently he is either part shark or….. Count Monkula!  Apparently homeboy has two extra teeth on top. Not sure what mutant advantage that gives him, but apparently it’s his evolutionary adaptation to allow for a more efficient two finger shove of a 7-layer burrito and the like.

Luca and Kitty loved his new dentist World of Smiles!! They told us his mutant powers may only last until his permanent teeth come in, so until then watch out for Count Monkula!

Check out the kids’ comments on the bottom of their web page.  Here’s a sample:

“I LOVE being 4!”

~ Avari, age 4


“I have hair on my fingers! I’m growing up and I have hair on my fingers now!”

~ Derek, age 3


“While watching the Lion King: Listen Mufassa! Pick on someone your own size!”

~ Kevin, age 5


“I got this tooth pulled out with some pliers by dad but I got two pieces of candy so it was worth it!”

~ Cooper, age 6


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