March 2012

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Party Time

Today was Henry’s birthday.  Henry is the first son of one of our long time friends Fry and his wife Colleen. The party was at the Fulton Park Community Center.  There was a big open space in the gym with toys, cars, balls, planes, and all kinds of instruments of chaos.  Luca seriously enjoyed himself and had a lot of fun.

Snack time!!

This picture pretty much sums up Luca at this party.  Can you find him??

At one point Luca disappeared and neither Kitty nor I knew where he went.  I saw some stairs and ran over. Someone had walked down them and found the fountain.

OUTSIDE!! TIME!!  There was a playground outside that the kids and family headed out to after cake.

Time for some teeter totter with Henry

Like fathers like sons

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I’ve given Luca two haircuts since his birth, but they were mostly just trims for when he complained about his hair getting in his eyes.  Kitty and I decided it was time for him to get his first official haircut so on Monday Kitty and Luca went out to get his haircut at Little Clippers.

Upon arrival Luca got to have his car of choice.  He chose the red race car.

Things got a little more serious once the penguin cape was put on.

He chose one of his favorite movies, Finding Nemo, to watch as the haircut began.

Luca did very well.  At the end the stylist broke out the clippers and let Luca touch, Mommy touch, and then touched them to the back of his neck to trim his hairline.  “All done… Nope Nope… All done!!”  With that Luca’s haircut was complete.


Luca Keeping Busy

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It’s the year of the Dragon and a perfect time for us to share our little dragon with the world!! Kitty is now 3 months pregnant and we got our first ultrasound pictures today.  Kitty is tired, but doing well and her baby bump just started showing.  She recently met with a midwife from the OHSU Nurse-Midwives Program and we are pretty excited about having this option available to us.   The snoogle has been unpacked and we’ve started talking with Luca about the new baby.  Of course, every time we point to the baby in his mama’s tummy Luca pulls up his shirt, points to his tummy, and says Baby Baby!  I think he’ll eventually catch on.  As always we’ll keep you posted on all our adventures.  We love and appreciate having all of you in our lives and are so happy to share our news with you.


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Belated Birthday

Well it happened a whole month ago (guess we’ve been busy!) but we thought it would still be fun to share some moments from Luca’s second birthday party. We had a nice mellow day with family with plenty of laughs and good conversation, and some really fun and thoughtful gifts.

Luca and his new trampoline

Luca loves helping clean up after dinner so he got his very own broom

Practicing the alphabet on his kitchen helper stool magnetic board

Tunnel time

Opening uncle Travis’ present

Playing in his teepee


Fun with Uncle Kyan and Uncle Travis

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Watching some Kung fu Panda, his current favorite movie.  If you’ve visited our house recently then Luca has almost definitely demonstrated his martial arts skills.  Hiiiiiiiii-YA!!   CHOP!!   WAAAAHHHHHHH!

Swim class every weekend.  Mr. Independent now has to do everything by himself…

but he still needs dad to throw him into the air.

Back home with his bat and balloons


Always Dancing

We play a lot of music at home and it always makes me happy to see Luca enjoying it as much as we do.

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