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Welcome Autumn

Autumn Ann Bowling arrived 9/19/2012

8lbs 7oz  19 1/2″

Kitty had a wonderful and very easy pregnancy. We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little girl when at 4am on Wednesday she tapped me on the shoulder.  She said she thought she might be having a contraction.  After a feeble attempt to postpone the inevitable to a more reasonable hour by telling her “No,” I sprung into action… well as much as I can spring at 4am.  I called our nurse midwife and we decided since Luca’s birth only took 6 hours we should probably head to the hospital.  I loaded the packed bags, grabbed snacks, cameras, and music, and called Libby to come over to watch Luca for us.  We were not in a super rush so things were fairly calm.

We arrived at OHSU at 5:30am and got to our room.  I got Kitty water and setup KMHD jazz radio on our iPod.  It was Kitty and my plan to try for a natural birth as she was able to do with Luca.  She really prefers the ability to move around, change positions, and have that connection with the entire birthing experience.

We had a yoga ball in the room for Kitty to rest on between contractions 

During the contractions I massaged her back and encouraged her the best I could

After a little over an hour Autumn Ann Bowling was born at 6:37am.  The birth was wonderful, Autumn is beautiful, and Kitty, the love of my life, never ceases to amaze me.  The nurses and midwives were talking about how they wished they had video taped the entire birth as a teaching example.

Mom and baby meet face to face for the first time

Luca has been so excited for his baby sister to arrive. In the last few weeks he has been constantly talking about her and had some hand picked presents waiting for her.

Kiss from big brother

Everything went so well we were able to leave the next afternoon.  The nurses and midwives were great and we had a wonderful experience at OHSU.   We bundled Autumn up and headed home.

We’ve settled back in at home.  I headed out and bought 5 containers of purell to spread out around the house and cleaned the already clean house… Oh yeah I am the ubernester but that’s another story.  Autumn is doing well.  She’s mostly sleeping or eating, but when she’s awake she’s very alert.

Luca is going to be such a good big brother

 We wanted to thank all of our family and friends for your love and support, and we hope to hear from and see you all soon.

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