January 2013

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Happy Birthday Luca!!!

It’s hard to believe but our sweet boy is 3 years old today! Nothing better to do on your birthday than play with your train set of course!

Going up the hill

Keeping a close watch

Over the bridge

Going down!

These things are best viewed at eye level

Harold the helicopter joins in

Last stop before the station!

Happy Birthday to me!

We celebrated Luca’s birthday with a relaxing family gathering this weekend. Luca and I spent Friday evening baking and decorating a classic bunny cake, and on Saturday morning when I reminded him about his party he said, “my family is coming!” Such a sweet guy. ūüôā We have a feeling 3 is going to be much more challenging than 2, but we’ve never been so proud, awed or humbled by our thoughtful, loving and compassionate boy. ¬†Happy birthday Luca, we love you!


Look at these trucks!

Singing “Happy Birthday” and of course pointing to all of us

Blowing out the candle

I REALLY want to lick the frosting off of this candle…

I wonder if they’ll let me eat it

Tasting one of the jelly beans

Hmm, jelly beans sure are sticky on my teeth

Cake!! Fork not necessary.

We somehow managed to get a decent group shot after several tries. Way to go family!

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Thank goodness for camera phones – it makes it so much easier to capture those little moments throughout the day. Here’s a fun update on the past few weeks taken entirely on our phones.

She loves being in the carrier but must be facing out at all times Tummy time Group self portrait in the bathroom mirrorDoes life get any better than this?
Cutie patutie it’s kind of hard to see, but this is what Luca does every morning in our bathroom while we’re getting ready for the day – stands with one leg inside the basket while playing with his sticker book (in just his undies of course). Sweet girl All bundled up and ready to go outside!

Napping with Mama on the couch after work

Getting acquainted with her vegetables Big brother joins in  Playing in the jungle Little dragon Chubby cheeks! A boy and his two best friends My view in the morning Our big boy

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As a father I try to set a good example for my children. ¬†It’s good to see Luca has been paying attention.


After getting a timeout for throwing his toys, Luca made his way downstairs and this is what I found

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Autumn’s Room

I had the last two weeks off and along with Christmas I got to catch up on a lot of little projects around the house. After cleaning, organizing, installing new switches and outlets,¬†weatherizing, and upgrading our wi-fi I finally got around to decorating Autumn’s room with Kitty. ¬†I had some ideas and had been looking forward to it for awhile. ¬†Along with some hand made gifts her room is much more fun now. ¬†

Autumn checks it out

Taking in another perspective under the dandelions

Her tree and birds

Auntie Libby made the birds

Jenny from Kitty’s work made this owl

Kitty’s friend Rachel made the elephants picture

¬†Kitty’s aunt Jenny Lou made the ballerinas

Luca was not left out.  He and I rolled to the Zoo today and kicked it with some homies.

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