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Seaweed Chomp

Autumn’s difinitive guide to seaweed chomping

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Welcome Mia

Mia Mae Bowling arrived 9/24/2014

7lbs 6oz, 20″

Our little ohana welcomed its newest member last Wednesday.  We knew the time was getting close since Kitty was having trouble sleeping the previous three nights and started taking late night baths.  Late Tuesday night I was in our bed with Autumn, who had also not been sleeping for the previous three nights, watching an episode of Curious George.

Kitty came in the room and asked me what time it was.

“10,” I replied.

“The exact time,” she questioned again.

“I don’t know it’s 10.”

“Exactly 10?” she asked.

Agitated, I looked at my phone and said, “OK! 9:59pm.”

“Ok,” she said, “because I’m timing my contractions.”

This being our third pregnancy, and knowing Kitty, I knew what that meant. Before the next contraction even kicked in I was up and getting everything ready.  I called Libby who started on her way over to watch the kids. Kitty called the midwives who started asking questions about the timing of the contractions.  Kitty, also having been through this and knowing her body, just told them, “I’m coming in.”  We headed downstairs to wait for Auntie Libby.

On the scene was first responder Autumn Ann.  Autumn, sensing what was going on, set up a yoga labor area for her mom.  Apparently the white foam roller marked a line that was not supposed to be crossed, and when I crossed it and kicked the calf stretcher out of the way I was promptly removed from the area and lectured by Autumn.

Like this mama

Once Auntie arrived Kitty and I headed up to the mountain on which the OHSU labyrinth was placed. As we checked in the receptionist and nurses were asking an impatient Kitty about her contractions and how she was feeling.  You could tell Kitty was thinking, “Hey this baby is coming! Lets go!”  Once in the room the midwife came in and before she could even finish asking, “should we check…”  Kitty replied, “YES”. The midwife starts checking how far along Kitty has progressed… then says… hmm.  The nurse asks 8….9cm?  “Nope,” said the midwife, “she’s complete. You can start pushing whenever you feel like it.”  That was at 11:15pm.  Mia Mae was born at 12:19am.

Momma and baby did amazing, and later our pediatrician would tell us how surprised he was that, given the speed of the delivery, the Apgar scores were also 9.  He and everyone else couldn’t seem to get over how Kitty came into the delivery room fully dilated, then labored for an hour before delivering our little Mia.

This was a special delivery for me as well. Not only did I provide love and support, fetch water upon demand, and provide the necessary back massages during contractions, but I also delivered Mia myself.  The midwife was standing by but I actually had the honor of guiding my baby girl into this world.  There is nothing more amazing than a mother creating and giving birth to a child and so I was humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to have such an intimate role in the delivery.

Proud parents see their baby girl for the first time

The delivery and aftercare went so well that we actually left the hospital the same day! But before we could leave we promised Luca he could visit Mia in the hospital after pre-school. Luca had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new sister and is completely in love with her.

Luca says hello to Mia for the first time


Autumn also wanted to check things out…

and came bearing gifts

We are all settled* back home now and having a little party this weekend. We are so thankful for our family and friends.  We love all of you and thank you for all your love and support.


*settled – a relative definition.

Luca – Playing with two new dinosaurs and correcting Dad on the difference between a Sarcosuchus and a Suchomimus

Autumn – Telling mom to hold her and not Mia

Kitty – Trying to find anytime to sleep

Mia – Sleep, Eat, Poop, Poop, Sleep, Poop

Chris – Discussing dinosaurs, watching dinosaur movies, and reading about dinosaurs. Distracting Autumn with games, silly dances, and yogurt. Trying to make time for Kitty to sleep.  Changing diapers. Taking breaks by cleaning the house.  Loving every minute of all of it!!!


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Happy Birthday Autumn!

Our little dragon turned 2 today! You have been such a delight to have in our lives, and the quiet intensity with which you observe and discover the world around you is truly astounding and never ceases to amaze us. We love how sweet you are, and how much you enjoy every single little moment. We love watching you interact and grow with your big brother, and we can’t wait to see you become a big sister very soon! We love how you sing quietly to yourself all the time, how you do silly walks and roll around on the floor like you have all the time in the world, and how a few quality minutes with crayons and paper can cheer you up. Thank you for all the sweet kisses and for that intensely loving gaze that can melt us from all the way across the room. We love you so much!







Budding Artist







Dino Dinner

Eating out at our favorite restaurant, Laughing Planet. Why do we love it? For the dinosaurs of course!



















A big thank you to Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Kyan for an entire afternoon of babysitting this past weekend! Mama and Daddy had lunch together downtown and then enjoyed some peaceful, quiet, relaxing time at the Portland Japanese Garden. It was a nice change of pace from what has been a very busy time of preparation and transition for us!


Here are some highlights from the day:

Drawing on the whiteboard is always a hit


Let’s go outside! Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen – here, let me help you…


Looks good!


I’m ready to go!


More drawing, this time with chalk. Autumn likes to get up close and personal with her artwork.


Ok time to wind down. Watching videos of ourselves on our bikes is endlessly entertaining.


All tuckered out. Umm, can you guys come to our house and do this everyday??






I realized we haven’t looked through the camera’s memory card in awhile. Found a few fun pictures from our summer that were too cute to pass up.

In June we went on our annual Sun River trip. It was a rather cold weekend, and while we did brave the chill of the swimming pool, playing with sticks in the dirt seemed to be equally as fun.


And of course, getting into big brother’s swim gear and undies stash is always a good time.


In July our wildflower garden was in full bloom. Hidden among the blossoms were two particularly wild flowers that I couldn’t stop photographing.



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