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An Angel In the Sun



Thanks to Libby for capturing the adventures and Kitty for helping plan them.

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Trying to get a good picture of used baby items to post¬†on craigslist can be a little more… challenging now a days.

Love our baby girl

3 Months Old

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A few snapshots of this past week

Pilates class with Mama


Someone found her thumb


Big brother and sister help out with feeding for the first time



Watching a video together


Napping during bedtime stories in Luca’s room








Train Table

Mia played with the train table for the first time tonight, an accomplishment both she and her brother were equally excited about.








A Progression Of Dance

After Luca’s Christmas performance there’s been some talk about Luca’s surprising dance skills ūüôā Here we take a look back to understand the progression.

Early on Luca found himself comfortable with the crowd. Who’s in the circle? Luca’s in the circle.

Having mastered his showmanship Luca spent hours refining his control and balance. 40 seconds in to this video Luca demonstrates his mastery with a single leg backwards roundhouse.

In order to break down the barrier between the music and the performance Luca began to venture out to live concerts. First was Green Day then You Who, Mumford and Sons, and Yo Gabba Gabba

Getting older ain’t easy and sometimes it comes with timeouts. Here Luca explores his darker movements while¬†drowning his timeout sorrows in bubbly water.

Time for free jam improv

Of course to become a complete dance you have to work on your partnering skills. Here Luca and Autumn pair improv to Mumford and Sons aka “Na Na Nuts”

Putting all the pieces together we have soul, functional movement, partnering, and¬†improv. ¬†Here Luca also introduces us to the the “pogo stick” for the first time

Along with dance Luca is always trying to improve his rhythm and vocal acuity

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Today was a special day. Grammie and Pop Pop came up and took Luca and us to Walking With Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular¬†at the Moda Center. Of course Luca is well versed in his dinosaurs, having accumulated a virtual¬†library of dinosaur information, watched every dinosaur series he could find, and accumulated quite the model/toy dinosaur collection. ¬†Probably the best series we’ve seen¬†so far has been¬†the BBC Walking With Dinosaurs that this event is based on so we were very excited.

Luca and Autumn practiced their dinosaur calls in their new Sauropod and Ceratopsidae t-shirits respectively.

Luca in his custom stegosaurus hoodie with Grammie and Pop Pop

 In our seats and ready for the show!

 Here come the dinosaurs!!!

Getting up close with the Brachiosaurus

The show was amazing and the dinosaurs were incredibly well done.  Such a great treat for all of us.


 When it got a little intense Luca pulled up his hood and displayed his protective plates

Momma and her baby. ¬†The main take away here was…¬†Don’t mess with momma.

We had a great time and couldn’t recommend the show to anyone enough. ¬†Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for watching Autumn while we went walking with dinosaurs!

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