March 2015

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It’s a good thing we bought a King size bed for Kitty and I … otherwise I don’t know where our little dragon would put all of her books!

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Luca And Mia

Mia absolutely loves her big brother. I think he makes her laugh more than anyone else.

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Autumn enjoys car rides but she gets a little crazy when you roll the windows down



Nap Time


6 Months Old!

Pirate Park

It was a fairly rainy day on Sunday but me and the little buccaneers headed out to Pirate Park for some plundering of fun

There are two ships, an island, and a sand pit with a rock path of water that flows down into it.  The kids spent a lot of time building dams to block the water from flowing into their sand pit.  They called several times for some beavers to come help them but apparently the beavers were too busy or were afraid of pirates.

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Luca Rocks

 We have more pictures and videos coming of Luca’s Dinner Theater concert and show but here are a few.  Luca played his drums in the band and gave everyone a generous helping of rock poses and faces.  Love my little punk buddy.




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