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Double Naughty

Look how cute and innocent I am  

But guess what I can do    

Mmm hmm  

And look what else I can do  

It’s so convenient because my two front teeth poked through this morning 

Standing up in the crib and chewing on it? Double naughty!

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8 Months Old!

photo (42) copyIMG_9850IMG_9855IMG_9866IMG_9871Untitled-1IMG_9900IMG_9926




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No teeth yet but she’s been munching away   We powered through the rain at the Funny Farm March-A-Thon to help raise money for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital NICU. Luca ran 24 laps!    Mia LOVES shopping with Mama  So sweet  Studying her letters and words  Two little helpers preparing a snack

  I got this Grandpa  Fun with bubbles on a breezy day  Happy sisters  According to Luca this is what the pipes in our house look like  She may have been sick with an ear infection but she sure did look cute checking herself out in the mirror at the doctors office  Ready to roll  When you’re too busy to stop playing just tuck your sippy cup into your shirt and you won’t have to skip a beat  First time sitting up in her crib after nap! Lets play!  Thinking about crawling soon…  Just another day in the life of a toddler


I think Luca is most relaxed and calm when he’s in the water just swimming

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You awake at 3am?  So am I.


It took me awhile but I finally figured out this is what she was singing

She and Luca have a million inside jokes and songs.  I have no idea what’s going on most of the time, so I consider figuring this one out a victory.

At random times either on of them will start in on one of the following

“oh what a sight”

“loooooong needle”

“fa fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa”

“Autumn hey Autumn… waaaa bifff zip zip  ahhhhh”

“yikes me harties what is this someones been here before”

“the glittering pants of gold the glittering pants of gold”

“you’re not in the show show show show show blahhh”


Also I’m fine with her singing to me at 3am.  The other morning I woke up and opened my eyes.  Autumn was laying on my pillow looking at me adoringly.  She reached over and grabbed my cheeks.  I thought I love this time with my baby girl.  Then she quietly and adorably whispered, “Dad last night…… I farted in your face.”


My Angels


Happy Thursday


Enjoying a perfect spring evening outside before dinner.  


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A few weeks ago while eating breakfast Luca noticed his tooth was hurting. Upon closer inspection we realized his tooth was loose! A couple weeks later we were ready to welcome the Tooth Fairy for her first visit to our house.

Getting ready for bed – brush those teeth!


Okay silly goose, stand still for the camera


Let’s see your new smile!


Got the tooth? Check.


Tooth fairy pillow? Check.


Place it carefully on your pillow.


Take a moment to pose for a super cute picture with your super cute baby sister.


Snuggle into bed and wait for sweet slumbers.


Good morning Luca! What did the tooth fairy leave you? A golden dollar!


About a week later we found another loose tooth! This one decided to come out during nap time at preschool and apparently skipped town because we never found it. So Luca’s teachers wrote a really nice note to the tooth fairy. It said, “Dear Tooth Fairy, My tooth fell out during my nap time at the Funny Farm, and now I can’t find it. -Luca”


The note fit into his tooth fairy pillow just fine, and guess what – the Tooth Fairy came anyway! And she left another golden dollar!IMG_9697

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