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11 Months Old!













Luca had his preschool graduation ceremony tonight. He won several awards and recognition especially for his love and care of nature and animals. The teachers had lots of kind words to say about him and how much he’s opened up over the last year. I personally want to thank all the family and friends in Luca’s life. If you see him every day or only interact with him a few times a year he remembers everything and it means the world to him. He’s learned by watching all of our friends and family. He mimics us, studies our interactions, and watches everything we do. I think it’s easy for me to say one of the main reasons Luca is such a great kid is because we have such wonderful friends and families. Thank you all.

Enjoy some pictures and videos. Sigh… and I am debating if I’m going to post quite possibly the most embarrassing video I have ever been in, and I attest by the pictures of me I know are out there it takes a lot to embarrass me. The things we do for our kids.

They had to go down the line and give their name.  Luca said, “I’m Luca B!!!”  And then struck this lord of  the dance pose. I told you he’s always watching (Aunties!!!)

Now graduated he turned his tassel to the other side 🙂

The Graduates arrive (Luca’s arm apparently stuck at a 90 degree angle)

A graduation rap

Some kind words from teacher Marci

Luca talks about the polar bears he rescued

The kids rap and Luca dances about Snakes

So that was the graduation…. oh but yes… one last thing. Luca won several eco challenges this summer and ended up with the most “energy credits” in his class.  As a “reward” our family got to perform our eco challenge rap in front of everyone at the graduation.  SoooOoOOoO here’s the winning eco challenge rap video.

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Self Portrait





First backpack!

First fat lip 😢  


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It’s been so hot lately the kids were excited to get a break from the heat this morning and get out their bikes and chalk!

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