January 2017

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More Snow!

It’s snowing! Can we go outside and play?IMG_8287Mom gets ready, takes a deep breath…IMG_8291No, that’s not helping…IMG_8292IMG_8301Happy in this picture, but…IMG_8306this is her typical reaction to snow.
IMG_8335This one on the other hand:IMG_8308Yup, happy little dragonIMG_8313And sillyIMG_8327Monkey is happy too
IMG_8329And very interested in the idea that you can eat snowIMG_8334Mia preferred to eat the carrot that was intended for the snowman in the shelter of the front porch
IMG_3824IMG_3827_copy“Snow for dinner!”
IMG_3832We had to clear off the hummingbird feeder so this little bird could reach it!IMG_3838IMG_3842Snow buddies
IMG_3846IMG_3848IMG_3863IMG_3853IMG_3856IMG_3861Hot chocolate time!IMG_3871IMG_3872IMG_3877
IMG_3882IMG_3884Mia winsIMG_3885

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Snow Day

Snow day = school canceled = roughing it out with Dad at work. 

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The Trader

Got off the bus with a bounty of new Pokémon cards today!



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