Sleepless in Seattle

We decided to make it a long weekend and headed up to visit Kimmy and Kyan up in Seattle.

On Saturday we took Luca to his first baseball game.  I’ve been looking forward to going to a Mariners game since the season started.

The game couldn’t have been a more perfect game for Luca’s first.  In fact it was literally a perfect game.  In the history of baseball only 21 perfect games have been played and this was one of them.  Being a fan of baseball it was pretty amazing to have watched one in my lifetime and to have enjoyed it with my son made it a perfect day for me as well.

Back at Kimmy and Kyan’s watching some game news and highlights before heading out for some dinner.

Later that night, while the rest of us slept, Luca and Kyan went clubbin.  Luca was the designated driver.

On Sunday we headed out to breakfast and the beach.  Luca took a moment to enjoy the ducks.

Afterwards we headed to the EMP Museum and the space needle.

The museum is half music half science fiction.  We headed over to the science fiction portion first and were treated to an amazing Avatar exhibit with lots of props and hands on activities for Luca.

The atokirina were attracted to Luca as he stood in their forest.

After the sci-fi portion we went over to the music side and checked out the Nirvana exhibit.

Luca taking some time to pose

DJ Luca mixing up some beats for the crowd at EMP.

One of Luca’s favorite portions of the museum had to have been the drums.

 The space needle was celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend.  In celebration it was repainted to its original orange color.


One last snack under the space needle before heading to Pike’s Place.

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