Easter Weekend

We had quite the Easter weekend this year. On Saturday we spent the day at Grammie and Pop Pop’s house in Corvallis.

Luca shows Mama and Grammie how to dye eggs. Auntie Rebecca had the idea to put the eggs inside whisks for easier handling with less mess. Ingenious!

Cousin Trenton doesn’t need as much supervision.

Hurry up and dry!

Trenton created quite a crowd of silly egg faces.

Luca went for a more abstract look.

Time for the egg hunt! This year, as a rare treat, we had a break from the rain and were able to hide the eggs outside. 

Got one!

Trenton offers to help Luca find a tricky egg.

Wait, where is it??

Here, let me show you.

Okay, got it!

Luca had to stand on this tree stump on his way to almost every egg, no matter which direction he was going.

Silly cousin time during a pre-dinner snack.

On Sunday, we headed out to my Grandmother’s house in Mill City for Easter #2.

Luca checks on the status of his eggs.

Showing Grandma the ropes.

Egg hunt #2 – outside again!

I see one this way!

Elliot helps out.

Elliot checks on the bounty.

Taking time to smell the flowers. To REALLY smell the flowers.

Family portrait (it only took about 20 shots to get this one!)

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