Guess what – we went to Hawaii! Yes it was 3 months ago, but hey – life is busy these days, and it takes time to sift through hundreds of photos. Especially when I only get 5 minutes at a time to myself! Both kids did great on the plane, and they handled a week long of unfamiliar environments and inconsistent scheduling better than we could have expected. We took Auntie Libby with us, and it made all the difference having an extra set of hands to help out. It was definitely not a restful trip, but it was a lot of fun and we had such a great time.

The first thing we did after arriving was go straight to the beach for a quick evening stroll. Luca got right into it, being chased up and down the sand by the waves, and Autumn dipped her toes into the ocean for the first time

After a long day of traveling and a yummy udon dinner, both kiddos immediately passed out in the hotel room for the night.

Luca and I woke up early the next morning since our internal clocks were still on West Coast time. So the two of us took a stroll through Waikiki. Of course we had to test out the sand again.

By then everyone else was up and ready for the day, so we gathered all of our gear and headed back to the beach for some fun in the waves.

 After a good cleanup, lunch and nap time, we headed out to Kaka’ako Park for the rest of the afternoon

And this is basically the same routine we followed each day for the rest of our trip. Beach in the morning, lunch, pass out in the hotel room, then out to a park or for a walk before dinner. What more could you want on vacation?

Here are some pictures of Luca and Auntie Libby frolicking at Ala Moana Beach Park

One of the non beach-related activities we did was to take a trip to Diamond Head Cemetery. As you may or may not know, Chris’ family has roots in Hawaii, and we found the grave sites of a couple of his relatives. The ironic thing is that Chris and I lived within walking distance of this cemetery when we lived in Hawaii!

Luca takes charge of the leis as we walk out to the graves

Luca and Autumn pay respects to their great great great grandparents

I’m not sure how much Autumn picked up on the significance of our visit to the cemetery, but she sure did learn a lot about the taste of a flower lei

Luca and Daddy share a nice snuggle at the end of the day

 Back to the beach for more fun in the sun!

Auntie enjoys her much-deserved iced coffee on the beach

Brother and sister wind down with a little movie time at the end of the day

Here we are at our old surf spot at Diamond Head beach

More beach time! Chris and Luca dedicated one morning to testing out the waves on their boards.

Family picture time!

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