Candy Apple

Last week I had to spend some extra time with Luca in the morning.  He was very reluctant to go to preschool.  I had to talk to him for awhile and finally he whispered to me he was worried he was going to have to eat a candy apple at school.  “Oh buddy,” I said, “do you want me to talk to your teacher about it?” He said yes, that he didn’t want to eat the yucky apple.

I understand where he’s coming from.  As a kid I also never understood candy apples.  I thought they were weird and gross until I had one for the first time at Disneyland when I was 26.  Carmel, fine. Apple, fine.  But together!?!?

So a few days pass, and at last night’s Harvest Hoedown they took home candy apples.

Today this is what I saw upon arriving home from work

Apparently he’s ok with candy apples now.

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