Happy Birthday Mia!!!

To our dearest little chickadee,

You are one today!!! That means you were born an entire year ago, which by all the laws of space and time just doesn’t seem at all possible. What an utter joy it has been to welcome you into our family this past year! You are the ultimate definition of a happy, happy baby. We just adore your good natured and peacefully content personality, and we love your silly sense of humor. We love you super scrunchy smile with your two little teeth poking up, we love how animated you get when we come home or when we simply walk into the room, and we love how you clap your hands and bounce up and down during our family dance sessions. The way your excitement and happiness radiates from your eyes and your outstretched arms as soon as the music comes on always brings a bit of a tear to our eyes. It is innocence and beauty in its most pure form. In our busy, fast paced, and somewhat chaotic world you are a constant little fountain of serenity right in the center of it all, overflowing and reaching out to every one of us with the power to melt our hearts and soothe our spirits. Thank you for sharing this with us every single day – you are truly a gift! Happy happy birthday to our lovely Miss Mia Mae. We love you!!!















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