Dad Tries

I think I do a pretty good job feeding, dressing, changing diapers, etc etc.  But you throw a pair of jeggings and a weird collared shirt into the swim bag and you’re going to get a dad special.

Outfit breakdown:  Jeggings are almost impossible to get on a 3 year olds wet legs so I audibled back to the pajama pants. Christmas socks and polka-dot vans were just at the top of the drawer.  Yes, the shirt is on backwards.  I don’t know what you call that type of collar, but after first zipping her hair up into it  I wasn’t about to tempt fate and turn the shirt around.  She’s good, I’m good, we all good.

It happens to moms too… although to be fair
I think along with her nose Autumn picked out most of this outfit.



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