On the Move

It’s been a while since our last post.  Kitty, Luca, and I are doing well.  Work has been going very well for Kitty and I.  OHSU has given Kitty the perfect balance of work and time with Luca.  For me Jive is still amazing and I’m so lucky to have found such a great company back home in Oregon. In our copious amounts of free time Kitty keeps busy sewing and making quilts for friends’ babies while I enjoy my weekly basketball games.

Luca is very active nowadays and is definitely on the move.  He hasn’t quite started full on crawling but between his flips, rolls, and flops he covers a lot of ground.  The other night he decided to go from his tummy to a sitting position.  Needless to say his technique of just throwing his body up and over didn’t work out too well for him and he went back down just as quick as he sprung up.

We’ve had several visitors lately.  Tami and Toby who are expecting a little one, Zach and Ashley who have a daughter, Edie, a little older than Luca, and Kitty’s family came up for a visit this last weekend.  It’s so awesome to be so close to family and friends even though Kitty and I both miss our friends in Hawaii and So Cal.

It was Kitty and my 2nd wedding anniversary on August 8th.  We’ve been together for 12 years now.  Kitty’s amazing tolerance for my shenanigans is matched only by her amazing abilities as a mom.  Luca and I are both very lucky to have her.

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