Happy Birthday Luca!

IMG_1341 copy 2

It’s your birthday monkey moo! Wow, 6 years old. Now you’re an expert at kindergarten, riding a bike with multiple gears and hand brakes, building awesome things out of legos, reading and writing, running as fast as The Flash, and of course using your imagination. You’re a sweet and helpful big brother (when you want to be), and we love that you continue to be loving, thoughtful, empathetic and inquisitive. You challenge and amaze us, you test and teach us, you push us to our limits and you make us so proud. You have shown us how to see the world differently, and your intense commitment to every single moment has helped us to grow more than we could have imagined. We love you so much chunky choo, more than the amount of gravity that exists within a black hole. Happy birthday!


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