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 It’s time for Grammie’s annual Easter Extravaganza!

The kids arrived excited and were greeted by an equally excited Grammie.  The yard was decorated with giant inflatable balloons.  The kids noticed rabbit tracks and followed them into the house.

Once inside it was time for a “little snack”.  Grammie had a few things set out…. hahaha not… Grammie always goes big and she did her thing.  There was a huge spread of food for the kids.  Fruit, yum bowls, sandwiches, veggies, avocado, hummus, oh my!!

Mia got in on the action with some mango, apples, and avocado

After feasting it was time for Grammie’s craft corner. The kids made frog, bunny, and chick crafts and hung them on the door.

 After craft time the kids followed Grammie down the hall and into … Grammie’s Carnival.  There were games, bean bags, fishing, spinners, and so much fun.

 Autumn loved throwing the bean bags most of all

Luca loved “hulk smashing” all the things

While Mia and mom played with the spinner

After all the games it was time to dye some eggs. Kitty spent the previous night making all the dyes with natural ingredients.  Blueberries made a deep purple, cabbage made blue, turmeric yellow.  The eggs and colors turned out awesome.

 Mia watched as Luca ran the dying operation

 The finished product

After the eggs were done and all the games played Grammie had another surprise for the kids.


yes they were real ūüôā

Autumn looked up and said, “I think the bunny likes me”

 After the bunnies it was CHICKS!!! The four little chicks cheeped away as the kids held and fed them.

  We opened easter baskets filled with great snacks, fun hot wheels, gardening tools, seeds, activity books, kites, and so much fun.

The Easter Bunny stopped by to say hello, give the kids some special plates, and books.  Before he left that sneaky bunny hid all the eggs.

 But the kids were able to find them all … or did they?  We’ll check in with Grammie in a few weeks to see if any were missed.

So it was another busy but super fun day at Grammie’s Easter Extravaganza for our little ohana. As the kids sleep now they are snuggled up to their little toy bunnies, no doubt dreaming of all the fun they had.

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It’s a good thing we bought a King size bed for Kitty and I … otherwise I don’t know where our little dragon would put all of her books!

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Autumn enjoys car rides but she gets a little crazy when you roll the windows down


Pirate Park

It was a fairly rainy day on Sunday but me and the little buccaneers headed out to Pirate Park for some plundering of fun

There are two ships, an island, and a sand pit with a rock path of water that flows down into it.  The kids spent a lot of time building dams to block the water from flowing into their sand pit.  They called several times for some beavers to come help them but apparently the beavers were too busy or were afraid of pirates.

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Nice day to hit up a local pump track on the eastside

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Train Time

With the help of two great engineers we got the holiday train up and running. One engineer takes the responsibility of being a conductor a little¬†more seriously than the other. ¬†I’ll let you guess which one that is.


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Seaweed Chomp

Autumn’s difinitive guide to seaweed chomping

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Luca got a new Diamondback BMX bike this weekend and was very excited to try it out.  Let the Litz Ct. Drag Races Begin


Heat 1:

You can see Autumn has the acceleration advantage as well as better track awareness. She stares Luca down as she passes him for the win.

Heat 2:

Making the adjustments, and actually staying on the track this time, Luca takes advantage of his top speed abilities and zooms by to a decisive victory.

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Date Night

For the first time since Luca was born Kitty and I left the kids at home while we went out and partied.

Partied – Chris & Kitty definition –

  1. Stay in trendy downtown hotel
  2. Watch new Wes Anderson movie (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
  3. Go out to dinner¬†– Funny side story. ¬†We got to the restraunt and it was totally booked. ¬†We walked over to an open area to wait 45 minutes and there was a guy sitting at the table by himself waiting for someone. ¬†I was thinking… man it would be nice if he gave up his table. ¬†Then he gets up and walks over to us and says, “would you like my table? ….Didn’t you guys go to C.V? Ended up being Luke Orem from highschool and he was super awesome and gave up his table for us on our date night. ¬†We chatted with him and his wife and thanked them again as we left
  4. Night walk through Portland Park blocks
  5. Watch last episodes of Season 3 Game of Thrones in preparation for tonights Season 4 premier
  6. Sleep in late
  7. Take morning nap *Kitty’s favorite part
  8. Brunch at Vitaly Paley’s new brunch place, Imperial

Libby stayed at our place and watched the kids.  They partied as well.

Partied – Luca definition –¬†

  1. Wear pajamas or undies
  2. Cuddle with sister on couch
  3. Eat special pasta dinner with broccoli and cheese lake
  4. Eat popcorn
  5. Watch Robin Hood cartoon
  6. Have bagels with cream cheese and fruit salad for breakfast

Note: These were Luca’s very specific requests


After we got home Kitty, Luca, Autumn and I planted some flowers and Luca and I started setting up our garden. Luca was very happy to have free reign of the power tools.

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