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Happy Birthday Mia!

Happy birthday to our sweet little chickadee who turned 3 today! You are our firecracker, comedian, tornado, singer, dancer, actor, daredevil, doctor, and snuggly love bug. You shine brighter than the sun, you laugh about as close as one can get to a Dr. Evil laugh while still being completely adorable, you rush to give us anaconda squeezes as soon as we arrive home and walk in the door, and you poke your head around our shoulders to stare deeply into our eyes with pure love and wonder. You are exhausting while at the same time being a source of pure joy and delight, and all too often we have to turn our heads to hide a smile or a laugh when you should be getting a time out. Thank you for bringing so much color, and spark, and sweet, sweet love into our family. We love you to the end of the rainbow!


Happy Birthday Autumn!

Today our little dragon turned 5! Autumn, you constantly amaze us with your beautiful brain and the depths of your thoughts and ideas. You come up with the most insightful explanations about the world around you and it is a delight to witness the inner workings of your mind. Our favorite example of late is your reasoning for the word “eclipse:” because it starts with an “e” and the moon clips onto the sun! Brilliant! At the same time we love how your brain can relax and let your creative energy flow into your amazing artwork. Whether you are painting with watercolors or drawing with crayons, your artwork seems to flow effortlessly from your fingers onto the canvas. Your endless drawings of our family are more precious than gold. We love that you love the planets and space, reading books, cooking, riding your bike, and radiohead. And it is so magical how you turn into a fish when you jump into water. Love you more than the multiverse, little dragon!





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Happy 2nd birthday little chickadee! Your bright personality brings our family so much light and joy. Love you!



Today is Autumn’s 4th birthday! We love you more than all of the universe, little dragon.


Special birthday bonus – this year Autumn’s birthday is also Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day!¬†She and all of her friends at school dressed up like pirates all day…


and all evening during dinner ūüôā


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For Luca’s 6th birthday he chose to go ice skating with his family, a¬†pizza dinner, and homemade pumpkin and berry pies!

At the rink gearing up

Kitty helps Autumn

On the ice!! 

Break time 

Auntie Kimmy watched Mia while we skated

While the pizza cooked Luca colored his new poster


Time for birthday pie!

Luca Mom and Dad love you in all the dimensions for all of spacetime

A great time with family on Luca’s special day

Well that’s it. ¬†The day was over. ¬†All was calm… until …

someone handed the controls to Luca’s new monster truck to dada!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Luca!

IMG_1341 copy 2

It’s your birthday monkey moo! Wow, 6 years old. Now you’re an expert at kindergarten, riding a bike with multiple gears and hand brakes, building awesome things out of legos, reading and writing, running as fast as The Flash, and of course using your imagination. You’re a sweet and helpful big brother (when you want to be), and we love that you continue to be loving, thoughtful, empathetic and inquisitive. You challenge and amaze us, you test and teach us, you push us to our limits and you make us so proud. You have shown us how to see the world differently, and your intense commitment to every single moment has helped us to grow more than we could have imagined. We love you so much chunky choo, more than the amount of gravity that exists within a black hole. Happy birthday!






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Happy Birthday Mia!!!

To our dearest little chickadee,

You are one today!!! That means you were born an entire year ago, which by all the laws of space and time just doesn’t seem at all possible. What an utter joy it has been to welcome you into our family this past year! You are the ultimate definition of a happy, happy baby. We just adore your good natured and peacefully content personality, and we love your silly sense of humor. We love you super scrunchy smile with your two little teeth poking up, we love how animated¬†you get when we come home or when we simply walk into the room, and we love how¬†you clap your hands and bounce up and down¬†during our¬†family dance sessions. The way your excitement and happiness radiates from your eyes and your outstretched arms as soon as the music comes on always brings a bit of a tear to our eyes. It is innocence and beauty in its most pure form. In our¬†busy, fast paced, and somewhat chaotic world you are a constant little fountain of serenity right in the center of it all, overflowing and reaching out to every one of us with the power to melt our hearts and soothe our spirits. Thank you for sharing this with us every single day – you are truly a gift! Happy happy birthday to our lovely Miss Mia Mae. We love you!!!















Happy birthday little dragon!!! We simply cannot believe that you are officially a little kid now – 3 years old! When exactly did you walk your way out of toddlerhood and straight into being a preschooler? Somehow we blinked and all of a sudden you can zoom down the street on your balance bike with your feet up in the air and a grin from ear to ear, you can read and write your own name with startling clarity, and you proudly march off to preschool with your very own backpack set squarely on your shoulders. What hasn’t changed though is the fact that we continue to be amazed at how totally and completely awesome you are, every single day. You began calmly and intensely observing your world literally the minute you were born, and you’ve never stopped since. One of our absolute favorite things about you right now is how you hold your own during family conversations over the dinner table. No matter what the topic, you are always able to understand what we’re talking about and relate it to something you know, and these connections you make actually make real sense. Where did you get this amazing brain? It blows us away constantly. We love that you are our resident mindfulness instructor, gently leading us through calming breathing exercises when we get a little too upset over this or that. We love that even though you’re learning how to assert your independence in increasingly defiant ways, you’re still utterly sweet and loving to the core. Especially first thing in the morning, when you wake up eager for what the day will bring, and you reach over to cup our cheeks and gaze lovingly into our eyes and say time and again the cutest, sweetest things. Ever. We can’t believe you’re not a baby anymore, little dragon, but if you’re going to be this ridiculously awesome all the time then we’re ok with it. Love you BG!!!














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