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Date Night

Now that the kids are a little older Kitty and I have been venturing out spending more time together and having more date nights.  This week we were both very excited to go see Radiohead at the Moda Center.

This was the first concert we’d seen since Paul Simon a few months back.  We’ve been to so many together from Pearl Jam to Herbie Hancock, and after three encores and a rare playing of Creep this one definitely ranked up there as one of the best.

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Date Night

For the first time since Luca was born Kitty and I left the kids at home while we went out and partied.

Partied – Chris & Kitty definition –

  1. Stay in trendy downtown hotel
  2. Watch new Wes Anderson movie (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
  3. Go out to dinner – Funny side story.  We got to the restraunt and it was totally booked.  We walked over to an open area to wait 45 minutes and there was a guy sitting at the table by himself waiting for someone.  I was thinking… man it would be nice if he gave up his table.  Then he gets up and walks over to us and says, “would you like my table? ….Didn’t you guys go to C.V? Ended up being Luke Orem from highschool and he was super awesome and gave up his table for us on our date night.  We chatted with him and his wife and thanked them again as we left
  4. Night walk through Portland Park blocks
  5. Watch last episodes of Season 3 Game of Thrones in preparation for tonights Season 4 premier
  6. Sleep in late
  7. Take morning nap *Kitty’s favorite part
  8. Brunch at Vitaly Paley’s new brunch place, Imperial

Libby stayed at our place and watched the kids.  They partied as well.

Partied – Luca definition – 

  1. Wear pajamas or undies
  2. Cuddle with sister on couch
  3. Eat special pasta dinner with broccoli and cheese lake
  4. Eat popcorn
  5. Watch Robin Hood cartoon
  6. Have bagels with cream cheese and fruit salad for breakfast

Note: These were Luca’s very specific requests


After we got home Kitty, Luca, Autumn and I planted some flowers and Luca and I started setting up our garden. Luca was very happy to have free reign of the power tools.

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