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The Dunk

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a blog post.  It was a busy holiday season and it didn’t slow down at the beginning of the year.  We’ve had a chance to visit with many family and friends and have made the most out of the few wintertime sunny days. Luca is doing awesome and just had his second birthday (blog post to come). I’m doing well.  The company I work for went IPO in December.  It’s one of those once in a lifetime events and we are very thankful and proud. Kitty is busy with work and driving Luca to and from day care with Auntie Libby everyday.  In spite of everyone being so busy we’ve found time for some adventures and outings.

Auntie Barbie bought Luca a build a bear trip for Christmas

I came into the kitchen one day and Luca had setup all his friends

Sometimes Luca, aka the dunk, aka moo, aka monkey moo, chunky choo, dunky doo, punky poo, funky foo, likes to keep a low profile when he heads out on the town

Besides listening Mumford & Sons, rough housing with dad, and playing outside, Luca loves cooking.  Every night he says, “lang meuh, lang meuh” (wash hands in Thai), then pushes his stool over to the sink, washes his hands, and says, “cook cook!! COOK!!!”.

Shopping for produce, with monkey tail of course



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We received a batch of cookies from auntie Barbie today.  Someone was beside himself with excitement.  Luca was also pretty excited.

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Watermelon & Pie

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Bike Disaster

First the Bike


Then the Disaster

Besides biking, gargling, and making messes we’ve been having an awesome summer.  On the weekend I’ve been doing things around the house and yard, Kitty sews and does crafts in her craft room while Luca plays in his playroom or sits next to her and pages through one of his many books.  Swim class has been going better than ever.  Hopefully we’ll get some videos or pictures of Luca jumping and diving into the water. It makes me happy that it’s become something he enjoys so much. We’ve gone to several summer concerts and saw a local Hawaii band, a salsa group, and others.   We’ve also explored the Oregon Zoo and several parks on multiple occasions.  The Oregon Zoo is pretty awesome.  It has a lot of animals, a lot of open space for them, fun events, and many family activities.  We got a membership so we could go as often as we like to go for walks, ride the train, or make noises with the animals.  Today we rolled to the beach for lunch and fun at Seaside.  It was another adventure with some memorable moments to be shared in a future post.  Until then much love from our little Ohana.

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Luca these days

Life is very exciting and full of action for Luca these days.

From sitting, crawling, and exploring his environment to sprouting 4 new teeth, the little monkey has got quite a bit on his plate.

Which, by the way, continues to be smeared with all sorts of new foods. Peas are a current favorite.

Luca also enjoyed his first blueberry picking trip with Mommy and Grandma on a recent sunny weekend in Corvallis.

After so much hard work one must naturally take a break and relax for a bit.

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We’ve been doing well.  Kitty’s  family came to visit this weekend for a summer birthdays celebration.   Her mom, dad, bother, sisters, aunts and grandma all stopped by.  It was good to see everyone and Luca is always excited to see family.  Luca has been making his way through all kinds of solid foods.  We pretty much just let him try whatever we are eating.  This weekend he had some pad thai and yogurt.  Sweet potatoes and applesauce seem to be his favorite while, after three yuck faces,  salmon had to be put on hold.  To help with his consumption his two lower teeth have broken through.  We didn’t really know he was teething until the first tooth came in, and while he was gnawing on my knuckle I felt the sting of his little sharp tooth digging in.

All three of us are going to be taking a trip to Southern California in October.  We’re going  for a wedding but are going to stay for a few extra days.  While there we are hoping to visit with friends, make the necessary stop at Disneyland, and hopefully get Luca on a surfboard.  Luca is doing well.  As I write this he is scooting across the floor and glancing back at me with a smile to check if I’m watching.  A few minutes ago, with his new found mobility, he discovered and quickly destroyed Kitty’s Mothering magazine and JCrew catalog.

It seems like whenever Luca isn’t sleeping or eating he’s giggling and smiling.  He has such a calm demeanor and really just doesn’t get upset about much.





Luca enjoys reading and playing with trains with his older buddy Tate

Single Rainbow... almost a double!!

Luca in his car seat

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Nom Nom Nom

Luca has started tasting and nibbling on some fruits.  He’s tried strawberries, oranges, and pureed blueberries.  He seems to have really enjoyed all of them and surprised his mom with a few blueberry seeds during diaper change.

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Settling In

After a 13 hour drive from LA Kitty, Luca, and I were reunited.  We’ve found a house in Portland near Libby who is also Luca’s new nanny!!  It’s been really busy finding a place, seeing grandparents and great grandparents, and settling into Portland.  I start my new job on Monday and am very excited.  While we’ve visited a few restaurants in Portland already there are several parking lots full of different lunch wagons downtown we have yet to visit.  That being said Luca and I have been getting our fill of Taco Time crispy burritos.  So after visiting with everyone in Corvallis this week we are headed back up to Portland to prepare for work and the movers to arrive on Monday.

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We went to Golden Deli with Luca this afternoon.  He ordered the spring rolls.  We will miss all the food places we have discovered in LA but look forward to exploring what Portland has to offer.  Pok Pok being one of the first places we will visit.

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Party time

There are four families including ours with very young or newborn children in our condo complex.  Some say it’s something in the fountain 🙂 Today was Jacob’s, the oldest, first birthday.  His birthday was held at Amy’s Playground, an indoor playground and kids dream.  While Jacob ran around, Ximena played with blocks, and Logan smiled and cooed, Luca took a different approach.

After the party we went for a nice walk around South Pasadena and discovered a new Great Harvest Bread Company location had opened up.  Kitty and I used to frequent Great Harvest while living in Eugene.  They give out large sample slices of their fresh bread, and being in college with not a lot of money, we were happy to sample. We got some food, enjoyed the bread and South Pasadena, and headed home to get started on the long to-do list for the weekend.

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