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It was HOT today in Portland hitting 100+ so Luca and I headed out on an adventure

Sample Time

 Watching the cheese being made was fun and interesting

Luca loves his samples

Hiking in the coast forest

 Luca’s favorite part the lighthouse

Beach fun

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As most people in Oregon know we had an early morning surprise on Sunday. Snow!!  We were all very excited to head out and have some fun.

Well some of us were a little unsure…

Buckets and shovels ready to …. well actually I’m not sure what they were thinking in this photo.  I just have a feeling I’m about to get hit with snowballs.


Momma came out to play too

Just enough snow for sleding and we even built a little ramp

 Autumn loved the sled and Luca was happy to pull his sister up and down the street.

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It’s our families favorite time of the year!!  Here are some highlights from this years trip to the pumpkin patch.

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Eco Rangers

Luca’s auntie lent him a camera and from the time he could walk he’s been taking pictures.  He loves taking closeup pictures of his trains, toys, and people.  His favorite subject has always been his sister Autumn.  They both love it.  We’ve been saving the pictures and will have to do a post with some of his photos over the years.

That brings us to this weekend.  His preschool had an Eco Rangers challenge.  Luca needed to capture 5 pictures of wildlife.  I lent him my camera and let him loose.

His first pictures were of some geese at his swim class. He was very quiet and stayed very still as they walked up to him.


After that we waited in our backyard for the wildlife to come to us.  We have lots of flowers, plants, and bird feeders so it didn’t take long for Luca to snap some good pics.

One of our favorite and most common visitors. A Chicka-dee-dee-dee


Luca was playing with the zoom and caught some cool bee pics


This crow stopped by for a moment to see what was going on then took off

Finally captured the elusive humming bird.  They had been buzzing by us all day.  This one finally hung out at the lavender just long enough.

 Luca B. The most wild of them all.

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The kids had a great time at Auntie Libby and Uncle Andy’s wedding eating, dancing, seeing their friends, dancing, coloring, and some more dancing!

We got to see a lot of our friends too and it was a great time!  Pizza, Chicken, Guacamole, Noodles, Fruit, and 30 hundred million pies… um yes … YES… and YES!!!

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Pirate Park

It was a fairly rainy day on Sunday but me and the little buccaneers headed out to Pirate Park for some plundering of fun

There are two ships, an island, and a sand pit with a rock path of water that flows down into it.  The kids spent a lot of time building dams to block the water from flowing into their sand pit.  They called several times for some beavers to come help them but apparently the beavers were too busy or were afraid of pirates.

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We love when Tami, Toby, and the boys come to visit.  This time Luca was especially excited as he and Isaiah battled a roaring t-rex with a samurai sword, claw grabber, and bow and arrows.  No need to worry they had oxygen masks and a megaphone in case things took a turn for the worst.

This time unlike other visits we actually had a chance to take a picture of the kids and families.

Kids pic

 Kids pic behind the scenes

Family pic

Family pic behind the scenes

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This Friday was the annual Funny Farm bowl at Luca’s preschool.  In this epic battle it’s parents vs kids. Winner takes all. 

 Luca and I got geared up and practiced some last minute plays

 Luca are you ready?


We did some warmups and the kids practiced their team chat.  “Our team is what… Dynamite.  Our team is what… Dynamite.  Our team is tick tick tick tick BOOOOM … Dynamite.”

We practiced our super intimidating dinosaur roars. Luca was like a velociraptor t-rex hybrid on the field.  He just ran around tackling every parent he came across.

I also learned that there is a certain number of kids that can over take a parent of any size. When one attaches to one leg you think, “oh this is cute.”  Then the other leg, “Haha they think they can tackle me.” But then you get two on each leg and you realize you can’t move and you’re going down. Once on the ground it only takes moments before they swarm and you are pinned and actually can’t move.  Then comes the fingers to the eyes… goodbye site.  Once pinned and blinded they call in the finisher for the flying knee to the groin.

As the teachers told us.  They have a whistle and release commands but they only sometimes work, so if you go down you have about 3 seconds to get up.

 Luca scored the winning touchdown for the kids team, with a quarterback sneak / hid the ball in his shirt, and took a moment to celebrate

After that it was the parents ball and in a last ditch effort there was a trick play.  They handed the ball to Luca and Luca and ball were carried across the end zone for a touchdown.  I went over to hi-five Luca, and make sure he was ok with this sudden turn of events.  He looked to me, smiled, and said, “Dad I wanted to try to help you guys win.”

It was a close game but in spite of Luca helping us with our last score the kids still won. Me and my buddy had a great time and it was really fun seeing him run around and have so much fun at the end of a long week.  Love you Luca.

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