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Party time

There are four families including ours with very young or newborn children in our condo complex.  Some say it’s something in the fountain 🙂 Today was Jacob’s, the oldest, first birthday.  His birthday was held at Amy’s Playground, an indoor playground and kids dream.  While Jacob ran around, Ximena played with blocks, and Logan smiled and cooed, Luca took a different approach.

After the party we went for a nice walk around South Pasadena and discovered a new Great Harvest Bread Company location had opened up.  Kitty and I used to frequent Great Harvest while living in Eugene.  They give out large sample slices of their fresh bread, and being in college with not a lot of money, we were happy to sample. We got some food, enjoyed the bread and South Pasadena, and headed home to get started on the long to-do list for the weekend.

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