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Luca Rocks

 We have more pictures and videos coming of Luca’s Dinner Theater concert and show but here are a few.  Luca played his drums in the band and gave everyone a generous helping of rock poses and faces.  Love my little punk buddy.




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Crazy Hair Day

It was crazy hair day today at Luca’s preschool.  He wanted his to look like a stegosaurus.


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Behind every great candidate is a great mom and Kitty is one of the best! Here Luca delivers his message to the class with the notes he and Kitty put together.  He’s an amazing kid with an amazing mom.  We love our Vice President!

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Luca For President

Two weeks ago we got a message from Luca’s pre-school that their yearly class elections were starting up and Luca was one of four kids nominated by the class to be President.  They had been studying the presidents since Presidents day, so he knew the job was tough and came with a lot of responsibility

Luca picked his friend Sive to be his trusty campaign manager

Luca decided early on he wanted to make sharing the foundation of his campaign.  With that he decided on the slogan “Sharing is Caring”.

Luca enlisted the help of more friends to make buttons and posters

The big day was here and the candidate was very busy.  He and his manager met with the voters

It was time for his big speech (video coming).  Luca and Kitty prepared his notes the previous night highlighting what he has to offer the class as their President.  Autumn contributed by repeating “Vote For Me Luca B!” 100,000 times in a row while running around the house with her head dangerously tilted back and looking at the ceiling

 With all the speeches and campaigning done the last thing to do was vote and await the results.  I asked Luca who he voted for.  Of course, always thinking of others, my angel said he voted for his friend Grayson 🙂

 The votes were counted and, with a little help from Luca, Grayson was voted in as class President. Luca was voted in as Vice President.  We are all so proud of Luca.  He really showed some of his best qualities this week.  He was very smart, thoughtful, creative, and most of all compassionate.

Your Funny Farm 2015 Vice President Luca B! 

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Luca’s preschool had their annual Funny Farm Harvest Hoedown tonight so we all got our boots on and headed over to see what’s been going on at the farm!

Luca was very excited to share his classroom and all his art projects with his family… especially Autumn

Autumn felt right at home literally as the center of attention


Luca and friends sang their candy apple song

All while Mia held true

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