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Family trip to Mt. Bachelor today

Warm-up snack. So many snacks! (great tip Tami ❤️)

Luca is all set and very excited to ride the chair lift.

Luca shredding the gnar

Silliness in the sled
 Some more snacking

Autumn getting in on the action

More snacking
A great day at the mountain

P.S. I also found out on this trip that apparently my snowboard gear is considered “vintage” 😁

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Violin Recital

Proud of our Luca.  He’s so precise and focused that violin has been a good way for him to channel that energy.  This was his first recital.  He’s following the Suzuki Method so he played Twinkle Twinkle, Lightly Row, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody.

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After patiently waiting and longingly observing her big brother’s classes from the sidelines for the past couple of years, Autumn finally got to go to her own gymnastics class!  Luca stayed close by during warm ups to make sure she was ok, and after that she was all smiles and like an old pro.  Not to mention completely adorable.  Every few minutes she would look up to find us, waving a sweet hello and flashing a toothy grin.  Partially, I’m sure, for some comfort and familiarity in a new situation, but she also seemed to be saying, “Can you believe it?  I finally made it!”  You did make it, little dragon, and we’re so proud of you!














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Autumn’s drawings of people are starting to have more detail. They now have bottoms attached.  


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Summer Skateboarding

School starts tomorrow!  One more family skate session!

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Luca Rocks

 We have more pictures and videos coming of Luca’s Dinner Theater concert and show but here are a few.  Luca played his drums in the band and gave everyone a generous helping of rock poses and faces.  Love my little punk buddy.




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It was a nice day today and with everyone watching football the roads and parks were clear so Luca and I headed out to the bike park

Shredding remix

We had a lot of fun. There were a few crashes

and even dad took a spill

sigh… seriously thanks YouTube 🙁

But along with some dirt and a few scrapes we came away from it with some memories

p.s. For those of you who know how particular Luca can be you’ll appreciate that after I drove to the park I pulled out his helmet and he quickly realized it was NOT his spitfire helmet.  He said this helmet does not have anything cool on it.

When we were leaving he said.  Dad you need to never grab this helmet again. You need to put a sticker on it that says THIS IS NOT LUCA’S HELMET…DON’T GIVE IT TO HIM, and don’t make the sticker red like my spitfire sticker.  Make it…. make it yellow.  I’m going to put this helmet at the bottom… underneath everything else so you never grab it again. (ok Luca geez message received)

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This Friday was the annual Funny Farm bowl at Luca’s preschool.  In this epic battle it’s parents vs kids. Winner takes all. 

 Luca and I got geared up and practiced some last minute plays

 Luca are you ready?


We did some warmups and the kids practiced their team chat.  “Our team is what… Dynamite.  Our team is what… Dynamite.  Our team is tick tick tick tick BOOOOM … Dynamite.”

We practiced our super intimidating dinosaur roars. Luca was like a velociraptor t-rex hybrid on the field.  He just ran around tackling every parent he came across.

I also learned that there is a certain number of kids that can over take a parent of any size. When one attaches to one leg you think, “oh this is cute.”  Then the other leg, “Haha they think they can tackle me.” But then you get two on each leg and you realize you can’t move and you’re going down. Once on the ground it only takes moments before they swarm and you are pinned and actually can’t move.  Then comes the fingers to the eyes… goodbye site.  Once pinned and blinded they call in the finisher for the flying knee to the groin.

As the teachers told us.  They have a whistle and release commands but they only sometimes work, so if you go down you have about 3 seconds to get up.

 Luca scored the winning touchdown for the kids team, with a quarterback sneak / hid the ball in his shirt, and took a moment to celebrate

After that it was the parents ball and in a last ditch effort there was a trick play.  They handed the ball to Luca and Luca and ball were carried across the end zone for a touchdown.  I went over to hi-five Luca, and make sure he was ok with this sudden turn of events.  He looked to me, smiled, and said, “Dad I wanted to try to help you guys win.”

It was a close game but in spite of Luca helping us with our last score the kids still won. Me and my buddy had a great time and it was really fun seeing him run around and have so much fun at the end of a long week.  Love you Luca.

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