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37 Weeks

It’s hard to believe but we’re 37 weeks along now and less than 3 weeks away from meeting our new baby! Time seems to have accelerated during this final stretch. Chris and I took a tour of the hospital this week and, more than anything, it served to help us realize that it’s probably time to start making final preparations for baby. Things are so much busier this time around with a 2 year old in the house – we don’t seem to have as much time to think ahead. Life these days is more about living day to day and moment to moment. We decided to dedicate this weekend to getting ready for baby, because ready or not, here she comes!

Even though we’ve been busy, we have found some time to enjoy summer. Here are some fun pics from the past couple weeks.

We took a few moments before going out for our anniversary dinner to snap some family portraits:

Luca takes a moment to play with our porch squirrel:

Luca and I took a trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Corvallis this past weekend, and he had a blast soaking up the summer sun with his relatives.

Riding bikes with Uncle Travis:

Mama hangs out in the shade:

The ultimate picture of summer:

Flying a kite with Grandpa!

Up on the play structure with Grandma and Uncle Travis:

Mama soaks up a few rays too:

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Summer Days

It hasn’t been much of a summer this year in Oregon. We haven’t been so lucky as to have more than 3 days of sunshine and blue skies in a row. So, being the true Oregonians that we are, we have learned to seize the moment. Here are some fun things we’ve done on our sunny days:

Impromptu sprinkler time!

Off with the wet clothes and a bit of a rest break on the steps:

Nothing better than a juicy summer peach:

Another day, another adventure in the back yard:

Better make it a sprinkler adventure!

Day trip to Washington Park and the Oregon Vietnam Memorial:

Of course Mr. Sock Monkey had to come out to enjoy part of the walk with us:

Patiently awaiting dinner outside on the deck:

Sandbox time!

Such a good helper in the yard!

Bubbles with Auntie Barbie:

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