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The kids had a great time at Auntie Libby and Uncle Andy’s wedding eating, dancing, seeing their friends, dancing, coloring, and some more dancing!

We got to see a lot of our friends too and it was a great time! ¬†Pizza, Chicken, Guacamole, Noodles, Fruit, and 30 hundred million pies… um yes … YES… and YES!!!

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Unofficial photos of behind the scenes moments and a few highlights of the wonderful wedding evening.

Beautiful bride and sweet ring bearer

IMG_8985 copy

Father and son

IMG_8987 copy

Cutting a rug

IMG_8990 copy

Sweet babe

IMG_8997 copy

Mama and her girls

IMG_9001 copy

Flower girl takes a pre-ceremony break

IMG_9002 copy

A bit of movie time before the ceremony


Bond…James Bond


Super dad, keeping the kiddos occupied

IMG_9049 copy

IMG_9056 copyIMG_9061 copy copy

One of the many moments during which I cried

IMG_9098 copy

My baby sister!

IMG_9100 copy

Luca was a model ring bearer. He walked proudly all by himself down the aisle, and stood calmly and quietly at the groom’s side during the ceremony. A couple of times he leaned forward to catch my eye and we shared a silent moment with silly raised eyebrows.

IMG_9109 copy

Happy couple

IMG_9118 copyBW

IMG_9119 copyBW

Of course we couldn’t expect the wedding to be completely perfect. Here you can see flower girl #1 (my daughter, of course) being helped back up after tripping and spilling her flower petals all over the aisle, while flower girl #2 takes off in a full speed sprint in the background. Autumn wasn’t at all upset or embarrassed about falling, but she did insist that we pick up EVERY. SINGLE. FLOWER. PETAL. before continuing on.

IMG_9123 copy

Super dad and super baby – she slept soundly through the whole ceremony!

IMG_9129 copy

Happy family

IMG_9020 copy

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The Ring Bearer

Final suit fitting before Auntie Kimmy’s and Uncle Kyan’s wedding this weekend!



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Wedding slideshow (Kitty, Chris, Together)

Wedding video

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