Happy Birthday Luca!

First I just want to thank everyone for their love and support. We appreciate having each and every one of you in our lives and will be calling you shortly for your baby sitting availability.  Kitty and Luca are doing awesome.  Luca is feeding, pooping, and peeing regularly and enjoying being home. On January 28th […]

On this blustery day…

I didn’t have work today since it’s a holiday.  Kitty and I decided to go to our favorite Pho restaurant, Golden Deli, and get some Pho and spring rolls.  After that we went for a nice walk and then Kitty headed to her weekly doctor appointment.  Apparently Kitty is half way from fully dilated.  The […]

Almost here

With the due date quickly approaching there seemed like no better time to try to sneak in two bathroom remodels.  It’s definitely possible that I have been nesting more than Kitty.  I spent the week repairing the roof, doing bathroom remodeling work, upgrading outlets, painting, sealing granite counter tops, and taking care of numerous other […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Kitty and I wrapped up the new year putting together baby furniture and finishing getting everything ready for Luca’s arrival.  I got pretty good at putting the crib together having to do it 3 times.  Yes, when you are assembling furniture that cannot fit through the doorway you should assemble it inside […]