37 Weeks

It’s hard to believe but we’re 37 weeks along now and less than 3 weeks away from meeting our new baby! Time seems to have accelerated during this final stretch. Chris and I took a tour of the hospital this week and, more than anything, it served to help us realize that it’s probably time […]

Luca on the News

A while ago I wrote a post about our trip to Seattle and Luca seeing his first baseball game.  I talked about how it was literally a perfect game.  One of 21 in the history of baseball.  As luck would have it there was another perfect game recently, and I was once again in attendance.  The fact most […]

Weekend Fun

This was such a great weekend.  It started off with an awesome swim class.  Luca is now diving off the side from a seated postion down 3ft and grabbing rings from the bottom.  He’s back floating and of course improving on his MEGA jumps. Kitty has been getting a little more tired as the due […]