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Happy Sunday!



Wednesdays are my day off, and most of the time our Wednesdays are pretty busy with appointments, errands, etc. But this past Wednesday Luca and I decided to have a special day out with just the two of us, to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before a week’s worth of rain was to return. So I took him in to my work – I know, going in to work on your day off sounds strange, but there are several fun things for a 3 year old to see and do at the OHSU waterfront.

The first thing we had to do, of course, was ride the tram, which we see everyday as we drive around town. For months we’ve been talking about how someday I would take him on the tram, so I think he was very excited to finally be riding it.

Here he is posing at the top of the hill with a view of Portland and the Willamette river in the background.

After the tram ride we stopped in to say hi to my coworkers, and he spent a good 20 minutes exploring all the exercise machines in the rehab gym. I had never thought about it before, but there are so many knobs, levers, pulleys and pedals to mess with, not to mention seats to climb on and buttons to push. Plus there is a drinking fountain which we tested out twice before leaving. I think the revolving door in the lobby was pretty cool too.

Then we walked across the street to the pedestrian bridge that crosses over the freeway. We walked up all 7 flights of stairs, and he insisted he wasn’t tired when I asked. At the top we stopped to catch our breath and take a look at “Mama’s work” in the background.

From up on the bridge we had a great view of some of the construction going on down below. We watched an excavator load up some dirt into a couple of dump trucks, and I took a video on my phone for emergency rewards/incentive later on. The other day I took a video of an excavator as I was walking to the parking lot after work. Yes, I felt a little silly standing there filming a construction site, but that one-minute video has helped calm him down from a tantrum or motivated him to go potty on more than one occasion. Totally worth it.

Then it was time to say goodbye to OHSU and head out for some lunch. We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and lo and behold there was a forklift by the entrance just waiting to be admired. What luck!

Besides the delicious food and great atmosphere, one of the things we love most about Hopworks is the play area – trains, giant dinosaurs, books, you name it. Luca wasted no time in heading straight to the train table of course.

Mmm, finally time to take a break and re-fuel. Thanks for a fun day Luca!

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Swim Time!

Guess who started swim class!

 Time for back floats 

 Mmm, tasty

 More back floats. Better bring this toy with me.

 Floating on the mat

 Noodles! (This is her favorite part)

Big brother Luca waits patiently for his class to begin

 Time to get in!

 Waiting his turn…

 Still waiting…

 Here comes the shark!

 The shark looks back to see if it’s his turn yet

 Here we go! Nice windshield wipers!

 He likes to hold his breath and hang out just below the surface

 My turn again!

Let’s go – noodle time!

 Mama and baby sister cheer on from the sidelines

 Getting ready to dive in

 Just hanging out

 I love swimming!

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