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Special Day With Mama

Today Luca and I went out on the town for a special day together.
First stop, lunch at a local diner. We studied the maps on the table while we waited for our food.

And of course we ate ice cubes with our fingers straight out of the glass.

Next stop – toy shop! Of course we had to check out the dinosaurs first.


Then a little stroll down the sidewalk

to the frozen yogurt shop!


Thanks for a fun day Luca!


Wedding Videos

Kitty has been working on her little sisters wedding slideshow and reminded us we never posted ours to the new blog.  I went to the old website and realized the videos were “web quality” meaning they are smaller so they could be downloaded faster, the intertube webnets used to be so slow way back in 2008.

Anyways I went to her computer to pull it off the original project. Oh that’s right we had a harddrive crash in 2011.  Well surely one of the backups or backups backup would have it. Nope but we have 50 copies of every Ani Defranco album.  Ok well I remember the dvd sitting on the shelf upstairs.  Nope. Sewing room nope. Ok ok the office nope. nope. nope.  I spent the entire day in search of the only copy of our wedding slideshows.

Luckily Kimmy still had her copy 🙂  Thank you Kimmy for always being so organized!  So this Thanksgiving she brought the dvd and I was able to pull the videos off.

With that I posted them to the blog on 08.08.08 the day of our wedding.  Such great memories and what a great adventure we’ve been on together.  I’m so lucky to have found you!


Chris and Kitty Wedding Slideshow Post


Wedding slideshow (Kitty, Chris, Together)

Wedding video

2 Months Old!






Sweet Slumbers


A Love Note

One of Luca’s more prominent personality traits is his keen perceptiveness. He notices the smallest details in every picture of his books, and instantly notices if something in the house has changed, no matter how subtle. A couple years ago Chris received a small glass figurine of a pig as a gift. He placed it on his bedside table one night and we went to bed without giving it a second thought. The next morning when Luca came into our room he immediately, and I mean the very moment he stepped through the doorway, asked, “what is that?” while pointing straight at the pig. Mind you, this pig is no bigger than a ping pong ball and is barely perceptible in the scale of our large bedroom. In short, nothing gets past this guy. This is a quality that we know will be quite useful for him throughout life, but one that is at times challenging for us as parents.

Tonight, after finally getting Autumn into bed, I went back into Luca’s room to check on him. He had just fallen asleep, and so I sat there on the edge of his bed for a few minutes, smoothing out his hair and thinking back to when he was just a baby and marveling at the fact that he has somehow grown into this amazing little boy. Of course I was overcome with emotion (which never used to happen before I had kids!) and I decided it would be fun to write him a little love note and leave it on his bedside table as a surprise for the morning. I then headed back downstairs to finish cleaning the kitchen and tidying up the living room. It came as no surprise then, an hour later, when Chris found Luca on the stairs with a very important matter to discuss. “Dad,” he said, in a very serious and concerned tone of voice, “how did this get into my room?” In his hand he was holding a mysterious little envelope with his name written on it. Chris figured Mama might have an idea, so I headed back upstairs with Luca to sort out the evening’s unusual developments. We got out his flashlight and sounded out the words in the card: “Dear Luca, I love you so much! Love, Mama.” After asking me why I wrote it (in true four year old fashion), he decided it was indeed very special and he didn’t seem to mind that it just appeared out of the blue. In fact he decided to keep it on his pillow for the rest of the night.

You certainly challenge us at times Monkey Moo, but we love you more than you’ll ever know. Even more than chocolate, which, as you told us the other night, you love more than all of us 🙂

A while ago Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Kyan stopped by and watched the kids while Kitty and I headed out for a date.  Uncle Kyan’s caught the action with his Go Pro.


My favorite part…pure joy

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Well Hello There


Just Me And My Dad

When Luca does something special or deserves a special acknowledgment for cleaning up, first time listening, etc he gets a poker chip.  When he gets 10 poker chips he gets a spin on the reward wheel.   Although I’m sure “new toy” is what he’s always rooting for this time he got “special time with Dad.”

After a strange patented Luca chicken dance in the garage we headed out.  I didn’t tell him where we were going but when we got to the parking garage he asked if this was moms work.  I told him no it wasn’t.  “Well it looks like mom’s work,’ he replied.

As we got out of the car Luca says “Dad. This doesn’t look like a fun place.”  We crossed the street and there was a big playground for him to play on. We spent 15 or so minutes climbing and sliding.  The strangest thing every time Luca spun down the slide he crashed into a wall of tickles.

Still not knowing where we were going we stopped in to stock up on supplies

“I want the red things that mom likes” Turning around he spots the licorice and gets a huge smile. Insert Curious George happy sound here.  If you’re a parent of a preschooler you likely know this sound well.

That’s where we are going!  Movie with dad! This was the first time me and Luca have gone to a movie together.  I tried to convince him that Interstellar was our best option but he opted for Big Hero 6

Trying to get a pic of just the two of us but the lady in back apparently really wanted to be in it too

 We got our seats and snacks and were ready to go. Popcorn, water, 1 orange slice gummy, 1 peach gummy, 1 watermelon gummy, and 4 pieces of licorice

 The movie was pretty exciting at times and Luca held me tight. Afterwards he got to take a picture with Baymax

Life with 3 kids, one being a rather spirited preschooler, is sometimes overwhelming.  When I look back of pictures with me and Luca it’s hard not to tear up at how fast time is passing, but it helps me remember to appreciate every moment.

Luca 1 year old

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Singing a song to baby sister


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