Luca’s Birthday Party

For Luca’s 6th birthday he chose to go ice skating with his family, a pizza dinner, and homemade pumpkin and berry pies! At the rink gearing up Kitty helps Autumn On the ice!!  Break time  Auntie Kimmy watched Mia while we skated While the pizza cooked Luca colored his new poster Presents Time for birthday pie! […]

Happy Birthday Luca!

It’s your birthday monkey moo! Wow, 6 years old. Now you’re an expert at kindergarten, riding a bike with multiple gears and hand brakes, building awesome things out of legos, reading and writing, running as fast as The Flash, and of course using your imagination. You’re a sweet and helpful big brother (when you want […]

Kids Q&A

Kitty and I asked the kids some questions about us.  Let’s see what they have to say.   Chris Luca (5) 1. What is something I always say to you? Hello 2. What makes me happy? When me and Autumn play nice 3. What makes me sad? When me and Autumn fight 4. How do […]

Fun In The Snow

As most people in Oregon know we had an early morning surprise on Sunday. Snow!!  We were all very excited to head out and have some fun. Well some of us were a little unsure… Buckets and shovels ready to …. well actually I’m not sure what they were thinking in this photo.  I just […]