September 2020

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Happy 6th Birthday Mia!

Happy birthday to our super sweet, super spunky, super spicy, super shiny, sparkly, and bright 6 year old! You move through this world with the most fantastic combinations of grace and power, quiet consideration and bravado, and kindness and persistence. You inspire us!

Well, it’s no ordinary year, which means our fall birthdays this year were celebrated in an unordinary fashion. We still had fun with decorations – Autumn’s theme was Harry Potter, and Mia’s theme was trees. Luca helped out a lot this year.

We held a virtual party over Zoom with family. Everyone sent gifts in the mail beforehand, so we could enjoy opening them together.

Above all else, we are thankful to have such wonderful family and friends, and that everyone is healthy and safe. We miss you all, and can’t wait for the day when we can all get together again with big hugs.

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Happy birthday to this amazing kiddo! We are constantly in awe of your beautifully-contemplative brain, your natural flow of artistic expression, and your easy going spirit. Despite this being a challenging year filled with one setback after another, you have managed to continue living life to the fullest without skipping a beat. Keep on rocking second grade, and we can’t wait to see how you grow this year!


Summers is nearing its end and school starts next week. We decided to take an extra long weekend and head east to Milo McIver State Park. It’s on the Clackamas River. We camped, played on the river, hiked, and did some disc golfing.

Our site was pretty big with lots of space for exploring
Da broshish sniffed everything and quickly became a dusty and sometimes muddy mess.
Besides vegi dogs, deedos, bubly, there were plenty of smores, games and stories
For those who know Autumn well it’s no surprise she chose to have a quinoa bowl every night
Kids on the Clackamas. This was da bros first trip to the river
With the kids distracted Kitty and I grabbed a moment together

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