Libby’s Birthday

A few weeks ago we got together with a few friends and family members to celebrate my sister Libby’s birthday. Luca decided to take a quick romp through the front yard before the party got started.

Then we were off to have a yummy sushi lunch followed by an afternoon of ice skating at the mall.  Luca showed Grammie the way to the skating rink.

Luca did a great job keeping tabs on everyone from the sidelines. He even figured out how to put the cap on his water bottle, and spent several minutes showing his great aunt Jenny Lou how good he was at it.

Luca and I headed home early so he could catch a few z’s before the post-skating festivities began. After a good power nap he was ready to rejoin the party.

Luca shares a birthday moment with Auntie Libby:

After being such a good helper with opening Auntie’s presents and eating everyone else’s ice cream sundaes, Luca decided to learn another new skill for the day – stacking blocks! He and Dad spent lots of time practicing.

To top off the day, there was nothing else to do but join the impromptu dance party that had sprung up in our living room.

At some point Luca decided he’d had enough dancing for the night and began crawling toward his room.

You all carry on, I’ll just go ahead and put myself to bed. Goodnight!


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