Da Bros

It’s been awhile since our last post. There was a big WordPress update which essentially broke the mobile apps, plugins, and well, the site. Since then a lot has happened including the addition of two pups to our house. So without further ado let me introduce:

Gryffindor (Gryff, Gryffonia, King Gaidis, Beadis) and Hufflepuff (Puff, Chipuffa, Prince Gaidis, Beadis) . Also known together as Da Bros, Broshish, Zhikies, and Beadises .

They are full Shih Tzus and just like the kids they have their own personalities. Gryff is the energetic agitator while Puff is the calmer, yet shall we say slower, of the two.

Each wears their house color harnesses to help identify them but the kids and family can tell by the fact that Gryff has curlier hair and a smaller white belt.

Shih Tzus have hair, don’t shed, and are hypoallergenic which make it nice for the house and Kitty. The other side to that is the hair never falls out it just keeps growing. These are the dogs you see in the shows with hair to the ground. We haven’t let it get that long but we’ve hit pony tail length a few times.

I take them for walks most nights. Rain or shine. In this case rain.

But they always clean up nicely. Gryff is on the right, Puff is on the left showing off their classic Shih Tzu under bite.

Being in a house with 3 kids means a lot of things. For the dogs it means lots of love and plenty of dress-up time.

And after the play time some time for rest and relaxation

So thats it. That’s the Broshish. Welcome to the fam jam.

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