Spring Brake Bike Park

Kicking off spring break with a trip to the Lumberyard bike park Mia navigating the turns Autumn took on the hills of all sizes! Luca was at home exploring all the tracks and of course taking the shortcuts and jumps  


First backpack! First fat lip 😢    

Bike Park Just Me And My Dad

It was a nice day today and with everyone watching football the roads and parks were clear so Luca and I headed out to the bike park Shredding remix We had a lot of fun. There were a few crashes and even dad took a spill sigh… seriously thanks YouTube 🙁 But along with some […]

A Day With Auntie Kimmy And Uncle Kyan

A while ago Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Kyan stopped by and watched the kids while Kitty and I headed out for a date.  Uncle Kyan’s caught the action with his Go Pro.   My favorite part…pure joy

Weekend Fun

This was such a great weekend.  It started off with an awesome swim class.  Luca is now diving off the side from a seated postion down 3ft and grabbing rings from the bottom.  He’s back floating and of course improving on his MEGA jumps. Kitty has been getting a little more tired as the due […]