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Kicking off spring break with a trip to the Lumberyard bike park

Mia navigating the turns

Autumn took on the hills of all sizes!

Luca was at home exploring all the tracks and of course taking the shortcuts and jumps


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First backpack!

First fat lip 😢  


It’s been so hot lately the kids were excited to get a break from the heat this morning and get out their bikes and chalk!

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Nice day to hit up a local pump track on the eastside

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It was a nice day today and with everyone watching football the roads and parks were clear so Luca and I headed out to the bike park

Shredding remix

We had a lot of fun. There were a few crashes

and even dad took a spill

sigh… seriously thanks YouTube 🙁

But along with some dirt and a few scrapes we came away from it with some memories

p.s. For those of you who know how particular Luca can be you’ll appreciate that after I drove to the park I pulled out his helmet and he quickly realized it was NOT his spitfire helmet.  He said this helmet does not have anything cool on it.

When we were leaving he said.  Dad you need to never grab this helmet again. You need to put a sticker on it that says THIS IS NOT LUCA’S HELMET…DON’T GIVE IT TO HIM, and don’t make the sticker red like my spitfire sticker.  Make it…. make it yellow.  I’m going to put this helmet at the bottom… underneath everything else so you never grab it again. (ok Luca geez message received)

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A while ago Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Kyan stopped by and watched the kids while Kitty and I headed out for a date.  Uncle Kyan’s caught the action with his Go Pro.


My favorite part…pure joy

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Weekend Fun

This was such a great weekend.  It started off with an awesome swim class.  Luca is now diving off the side from a seated postion down 3ft and grabbing rings from the bottom.  He’s back floating and of course improving on his MEGA jumps.

Kitty has been getting a little more tired as the due date for our daughter approaches.  I thought I’d take Luca out and give her some time to rest.  I decided what better for us to do than go look at trucks.  Lots of trucks!  When we got there Luca was beyond excited.  He grabbed my hand, pointed to a cement truck, said “Dada take picture… me… truck… Cheeeeeeesee!!”  Luca spent a good hour looking at all the trucks, climbing in and on them, and honking their horns.  He decided which trucks to look at and told me when to take a picture and how he wanted to pose.  “Dada… I sit inside,”  “Dada.. Picture. I sit here”

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info heading

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Later that evening Kitty and I headed to the Portland City Grill for our wedding anniversary dinner. We’ve been together for 14 years now and celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary.  The restaurant has really good food and an amazing view of Portland.  After dinner Kitty and I went to a movie while Auntie Libby kept watch on Luca.

The next day Luca and I were doing our critter chores outside.  We filled the bird feeders, bird house, bird baths, and most importantly the squirrel feeder.  As we were watering flowers out front a neighbor said 6 of the other neighborhood kids were headed to the Beaverton City Park Fountain and invited us along.

Luca and I packed up his swim gear and took off. To say Luca enjoyed himself would be an understatement.  He ran through the fountain, rode the swing, and played on the playground with all his neighborhood friends.

After Luca started to wind down we headed home. Luca took a good nap, Kitty worked on a baby quilt for a family friend, and I got to exercise a little while streaming Star Trek Enterprise.


Speaking of Star Trek.  Here’s a pic of Luca meeting an Andorian – A story for another time
After Luca woke up we had some Noodles then headed outside so he could ride bikes with the Litz Ct. biker gang. Imagine if you will 7 Kids all learning to ride bikes at the same time on our little culdesac.  It’s chaotic, a little scary, but mostly it’s just pure unfiltered joy.


Luca’s now sleeping. Kitty and I are enjoying each others space while she reads, I write this blog, and the Spice Girls sing at the Olympics closing ceremony.


What a great weekend!

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