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We always have music on in the house. ¬†Tonight this Jet’s tune came on and the kids busted out into their own spontaneous dance party.


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A Progression Of Dance

After Luca’s Christmas performance there’s been some talk about Luca’s surprising dance skills ūüôā Here we take a look back to understand the progression.

Early on Luca found himself comfortable with the crowd. Who’s in the circle? Luca’s in the circle.

Having mastered his showmanship Luca spent hours refining his control and balance. 40 seconds in to this video Luca demonstrates his mastery with a single leg backwards roundhouse.

In order to break down the barrier between the music and the performance Luca began to venture out to live concerts. First was Green Day then You Who, Mumford and Sons, and Yo Gabba Gabba

Getting older ain’t easy and sometimes it comes with timeouts. Here Luca explores his darker movements while¬†drowning his timeout sorrows in bubbly water.

Time for free jam improv

Of course to become a complete dance you have to work on your partnering skills. Here Luca and Autumn pair improv to Mumford and Sons aka “Na Na Nuts”

Putting all the pieces together we have soul, functional movement, partnering, and¬†improv. ¬†Here Luca also introduces us to the the “pogo stick” for the first time

Along with dance Luca is always trying to improve his rhythm and vocal acuity

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Luca Christmas Dance

Tonight was the annual Reindeer Roundup at Luca’s preschool Funny Farm. ¬†This school is so awesome and so great for Luca. ¬†In tonights performance Luca was a candy cane¬†dancing his way away from some hungry reindeer.


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After getting a timeout for throwing his toys, Luca made his way downstairs and this is what I found

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Always Dancing

We play a lot of music at home and it always makes me happy to see Luca enjoying it as much as we do.

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Dirty Bit


It’s fun to watch as Luca develops his personality and individual likes/dislikes. There are a few things besides his mommy, bananas, and the outdoors that Luca really likes. Apparently Luca has developed an affinity for American Idol, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and dancing.

So it was no surprise that during our recent trip to Iowa and Illinois to our friend Sally’s wedding that Luca took to the dance floor when Lady Gaga began playing. When Kitty tried to take him away he became upset and would run back. For awhile he was in our arms or standing on the sidelines, but at some point he decided to turn it up to 11. Luca took to the center of the dance floor and proceeded with his latest dance moves.

Come on now wave your arms in the air, now mini dip mini dip, big dip… now standup straight, stomp your feet, and strrrreeeeetchhhhh… you’ve got it… you’re doing the Luca Lee. This routine did not go unnoticed and soon Luca was in the center of a dance circle getting down. As some people took turns dancing with him he upped his game. The best part was when everyone in the circle was clapping and Luca threw his arms into the air, everyone gave out a cheer and followed his lead… then just as he had everyone wanting more he walked off the floor.

I was pretty busy chasing him around the dance floor but I grabbed a few seconds of video.

We had a wonderful time at the wedding and enjoyed our first trip to the Midwest.¬† Besides seeing so many friends…

we got to see the Mississippi river, experience a Midwest thunder and lightening storm, visit the John Deer Pavilion and eat at Cracker Barrel.

The trip home was over 7 hours with 3 layovers. How do you keep a 16 month old entertained?

Now repeat 800 times… literally!

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Libby’s Birthday

A few weeks ago we got together with a few friends and family members to celebrate my sister Libby’s birthday. Luca decided to take a quick romp through the front yard before the party got started.

Then we were off to have a yummy sushi lunch followed by an afternoon of ice skating at the mall.  Luca showed Grammie the way to the skating rink.

Luca did a great job keeping tabs on everyone from the sidelines. He even figured out how to put the cap on his water bottle, and spent several minutes showing his great aunt Jenny Lou how good he was at it.

Luca and I headed home early so he could catch a few z’s before the post-skating festivities began. After a good power nap he was ready to rejoin the party.

Luca shares a birthday moment with Auntie Libby:

After being such a good helper with opening Auntie’s presents and eating everyone else’s ice cream sundaes, Luca decided to learn another new skill for the day – stacking blocks! He and Dad spent lots of time practicing.

To top off the day, there was nothing else to do but join the impromptu dance party that had sprung up in our living room.

At some point Luca decided he’d had enough dancing for the night and began crawling toward his room.

You all carry on, I’ll just go ahead and put myself to bed. Goodnight!


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