5 years, 4 shots, 3 seconds, 2 toys, 1 awesome son

Today was a big day for Luca.  He turned 5 in January and it was time to get his final set of shots until he turns 11.  We got his flu spray back in October and this is how well that went: We walked in and I told the nurse he really doesn’t like shots, […]

18 Month Checkup

Autumn, time for your 18 month checkup! Things were going great at first. I mean, who doesn’t love a good fish tank in the lobby? Except that she started to have a mini melt down when her favorite black and white fish kept swimming away and hiding inside the tunnel… Ok Autumn, the doctor is […]

Portland here we come!

We have come full circle.  From Oregon to Hawaii to LA, now back to Oregon.  We are very excited to be returning to Oregon to be closer to family and enjoy all the Northwest has to offer.  I just finalized my job plans and we are set to begin moving in April.  We will be […]

Baby says hello

Went to the doctor’s today and saw the baby again.  He continues to grow fast.  Check out the latest video and pictures.

Getting ready

This past weekend we spent some time acquainting ourselves with the car seats and strollers at Babies R Us.  It was quite exhausting, but at least we now have a better grasp on which ones we like.  We also took a tour of the maternity ward at Huntington Hospital.  From everything we’ve seen and heard, […]

It’s a boy

We went to the second ultrasound today. Our long wait at the doctor’s office was rewarded when we saw our baby once again. It moved around a bit and then the doctor showed us its little fingers and toes. A little bit later the doctor gave us the news….. It’s a boy!

First ultrasound

This is the first time we got to see our little baby.  Although it mostly just looked like a little peanut we got to see its heart beating and little arm buds.