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We were thankful to have nice weather for Easter again this year. Our day was full with egg dyeing, eating, hunting for eggs and chasing bubbles. Lots of family love to celebrate 🙂

First, the eggs. Careful!

This pretty much sums it up. My kids: crazies. Cousin Cora: cool, calm, collected.

Who doesn’t love chasing big bubbles outside?

Luca did a great job helping his cousin find the bubbles

Time for Easter baskets!

And of course, the egg hunt

“I found one!”

Watch out!

We tried to get the obligatory ‘cousins on a swing’ picture. As you can see, my kids were perfectly behaved the entire time.

And we ALMOST got a perfect family picture. I guess when you’re two years old the rules don’t apply to you.

Auntie Libby and Cousin Cora had better success with their photo shoot

Photo bomb!

Baby Bartel, soon to join the family in the outside world, enjoyed her Easter too


Take us out, Cora. Power to the flower y’all.

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 It’s time for Grammie’s annual Easter Extravaganza!

The kids arrived excited and were greeted by an equally excited Grammie.  The yard was decorated with giant inflatable balloons.  The kids noticed rabbit tracks and followed them into the house.

Once inside it was time for a “little snack”.  Grammie had a few things set out…. hahaha not… Grammie always goes big and she did her thing.  There was a huge spread of food for the kids.  Fruit, yum bowls, sandwiches, veggies, avocado, hummus, oh my!!

Mia got in on the action with some mango, apples, and avocado

After feasting it was time for Grammie’s craft corner. The kids made frog, bunny, and chick crafts and hung them on the door.

 After craft time the kids followed Grammie down the hall and into … Grammie’s Carnival.  There were games, bean bags, fishing, spinners, and so much fun.

 Autumn loved throwing the bean bags most of all

Luca loved “hulk smashing” all the things

While Mia and mom played with the spinner

After all the games it was time to dye some eggs. Kitty spent the previous night making all the dyes with natural ingredients.  Blueberries made a deep purple, cabbage made blue, turmeric yellow.  The eggs and colors turned out awesome.

 Mia watched as Luca ran the dying operation

 The finished product

After the eggs were done and all the games played Grammie had another surprise for the kids.


yes they were real 🙂

Autumn looked up and said, “I think the bunny likes me”

 After the bunnies it was CHICKS!!! The four little chicks cheeped away as the kids held and fed them.

  We opened easter baskets filled with great snacks, fun hot wheels, gardening tools, seeds, activity books, kites, and so much fun.

The Easter Bunny stopped by to say hello, give the kids some special plates, and books.  Before he left that sneaky bunny hid all the eggs.

 But the kids were able to find them all … or did they?  We’ll check in with Grammie in a few weeks to see if any were missed.

So it was another busy but super fun day at Grammie’s Easter Extravaganza for our little ohana. As the kids sleep now they are snuggled up to their little toy bunnies, no doubt dreaming of all the fun they had.

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The Luca Bunny

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We had an early Easter celebration in Corvallis last weekend, and once again we were fortunate enough to have some beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies to play in!


Grammie had a full array of carnival games to keep the kids (and adults) entertained



Autumn keeps her duckies close


Luca took charge of the egg decorating station



Autumn opted to get right to it and just eat the eggs rather than decorate them


Guess what – the Easter Bunny stopped by for a visit! We thought Autumn might be afraid of him, but in fact she cried when he left!


Alright, time for the egg hunt!




Two sweet siblings


After falling asleep in the car on the way home, they both powered up for a little more wildness with their Easter balloons before bedtime

IMG_6886IMG_6881Happy Easter!


Crafty Saturday

It is pouring down rain outside, and Autumn is taking an epic nap, so Luca and I decided to make some fun Easter crafts!

IMG_6708 copy

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Easter Weekend

We had quite the Easter weekend this year. On Saturday we spent the day at Grammie and Pop Pop’s house in Corvallis.

Luca shows Mama and Grammie how to dye eggs. Auntie Rebecca had the idea to put the eggs inside whisks for easier handling with less mess. Ingenious!

Cousin Trenton doesn’t need as much supervision.

Hurry up and dry!

Trenton created quite a crowd of silly egg faces.

Luca went for a more abstract look.

Time for the egg hunt! This year, as a rare treat, we had a break from the rain and were able to hide the eggs outside. 

Got one!

Trenton offers to help Luca find a tricky egg.

Wait, where is it??

Here, let me show you.

Okay, got it!

Luca had to stand on this tree stump on his way to almost every egg, no matter which direction he was going.

Silly cousin time during a pre-dinner snack.

On Sunday, we headed out to my Grandmother’s house in Mill City for Easter #2.

Luca checks on the status of his eggs.

Showing Grandma the ropes.

Egg hunt #2 – outside again!

I see one this way!

Elliot helps out.

Elliot checks on the bounty.

Taking time to smell the flowers. To REALLY smell the flowers.

Family portrait (it only took about 20 shots to get this one!)

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